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Elephant Valley Project

Elephant Valley Project
Elephant Valley Project

"The Elephant Valley Project is a touch of a theoretical ordeal, you stroll off into the elephant's regular living space and watch them being elephants. There is no riding, no traps, no shows, just elephants being elephants in their own normal space. Who wouldn't have any desire to be a piece of that?" – Jack Highwood (Founder of EVP).

There are assessed 76 hostage elephants in Cambodia of which an expected 48 live in Mondulkiri Province. This is a minor number contrasted with whatever is left of Asia.

Elephants in Cambodia have confronted many difficulties for quite a long time from war to now exhaust. As times changed elephants moved from customary ways of life of homestead work to a great deal additionally requesting vocations like logging, development, and tourism.

The Asian Elephant is a critical piece of the Bunong (the indigenous individuals here in the Mondulkiri good countries) individuals' way of life and conviction framework. They are an essential association with the spirits that the Bunong accept live in the woods, mountains, and houses in the towns.

We work with elephant proprietors so elephants don't need to work and the Bunong individuals can even now possess their elephants and procure a pay from them. From the elephant's perspective, the best reward is that they can live again with different elephants in their characteristic territory and spend their days eating grass and bamboo in our haven.

As a social occupant of the Bunong animist convictions rearing elephants in imprisonment is misfortune and is not honed. In this way the hostage populace of Cambodia is generally moderately aged and will in all likelihood be the final hostage elephants in Cambodian history. Here at the Elephant Valley Project we will likely supporter and tend to this staying hostage populace as well as can be expected. We need to offer those elephants that do come to live here the best outstanding years of their life in a peaceful, common, noble natural surroundings.

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