Heritage - Sites

A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple situated on the southwest tip of the Macau Peninsula, is one of the oldest and most famous Taoist temples in Macau. Built in 1488, the temple is dedicated to Matsu...»

Macau Wine Museum

Inaugurated on December 25, 1995, the Wine Museum aimed to introduce the development of brewing culture of wine to visitors. It occupies an area of 1400 square meters with.....»

Grand Prix Museum

The Grand Prix Museum is a motor racing museum in Macau, China. It is co-located with and adjacent to the Macau Wine Museum...»

 Moorish Barracks

Along the small street that connects A-ma Temple and Macau Maritime Museum with Largo do Lilau and the rest of the sites along the "Historic...»

Lilau Square

he ground water of Lilau used to be the main source of natural spring water in Macao. The Portuguese popular phrase: “One who drinks from Lilau never forgets...»

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Mandarin's House

The Historic Centre of Macao is a living representation of the city's historic settlement, encompassing 22 outstanding examples of architectural legacies interwoven in the original urban fabric that includes...»

St. Augustine's Square

St. Augustine's Square (Largo de Santo Agostinho) is a beautiful Portuguese-style cobblestone-paved piazza, surrounded by some historical monuments that are well worth knowing about, such as... »

Dom Pedro V Theatre

Built in 1860 as the first Western-style theatre in all of China, the Dom Pedro V Theatre has since served as a performing ... »

Leal Senado' Building

The Leal Senado Building (Portuguese for Loyal Senate) was the seat of Portuguese Macau's government (Legislative Assembly of Macau and Municipal Council of Macau.... »

Senado Square

Senado Square (Largo do Senado) is a public square in Macau. It is located in the central area of the Macau Peninsula. Covering an area of 3,700 square meters... »

Sam Kai Vui Kun (Kuan Tai Temple)

Sam Kai Vui Kun was built in 1750 initially as the meeting place of Chinese tradesmen. It was not until the advent of Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Macau ... »

Na Tcha Temple

The Na Tcha Temple (Portuguese: Templo Na Tcha) built in 1888, is a Chinese folk religion temple in Macau, China dedicated to the worship of the deity Na Tcha... »

Section of the Old City Walls

The Section of Old City Walls refers to the ruins of old city wall of Macau in between Ruins of St. Paul’s and Na Tcha Temple. In the past, old city walls... »

Mount Fortress

Initially built by the Society of Jesus in 1617 and completed in 1626, the Fortress of Our Lady of the Mount of St. Paul is widely known by Macao residents as... »

Churches in Macau

When the Portuguese arrived in Macao more than four and a half centuries ago, they brought Catholicism with them and built many churches and convents. The old College of St. Paul served as the first... »

Ruins of St. Paul's

The Ruins of St. Paul's (also known as Sam Ba Sing Tzik) stands adjacent to the famous Mount Fortress and Macau Museum. The front façade and the grand stone stairs are the only remains of the greatest... »

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