Disneyland Hong Kong is the 2nd theme park in the world after the one in US.  It is an inevitable sightseeing place in Hong Kong because of its blend of Chinese culture with special attractions. After entering in to the land you will feel that you are in a wonderland. The Disney friends and Mickey Mouse will accompany from entry of the park and your magical journey begins here.

You will be in a new world with unique scenic spots and Disney Theme Hotels, and make your dreams come true. Delicious Chinese and Asian eateries are available which will make your journey even more enthusiastic.

Adventure land is one another place for courageous people. Here you can go for Jungle River Cruise which will take you into the heart of hidden regions, you will be accompanied by a brave captain. Elephants, Hippos, Orangutans, Cobras and startling jungle activities are waiting to happen. The amusement park was originally conceived by Walt Disney 15 years before, it got a new shape with exciting twenty first century Disney magic.

A colourful pageant of dance &music adapted from Disney's animated classic 'The Lion King', is like a classic music drama because of its consummate performers, exotic scenery and costumes. This show will be exciting for all ages of people.


While rafting through the Rivers of Adventure, you will reach at Tarzan Island. Visiting Tree house of Tarzan reminds you of the story of this human child raised by gorillas. When you reach the circle, there are a lot of options for dine in the jungle.

In Fantasyland a lot of activities including Cinderella's extraordinary story, Winnie the Pooh's adventures in the forest,  Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, the Flying Elephant, Alice in Wonderland etc.  You can also join Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and many other friends at a dizzying 3-D attraction in Mickey's Philhar Magic.

Your next destination in the wonderland is Tomorrow land. The Disney Theme Hotels offer unparalleled accommodation. In the resort, you can find the glorious future and golden past.

How to reach

Disnelyland Hong Kong is located on Lantau Island near the airport.  One can easily reach by road or MTR Network.

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