Golden Bauhinia Square

Golden Bauhinia Square is one of the main tourist attractions in Hong Kong, and it is also popularly known as the Expo Promenade. Every morning there is a flag raising ceremony.Hong Kong was under Great British rule and got freedom from them on July 1, 1997.The first ceremony was held on the night of June 30, 1997. The Golden Bauhinia was a gift given to Hong Kong after 156 years under the power of Great Britain.Former shipping magnate Tung Chee Hwa became the Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive as the clock struck midnight.

The sixty six feet statue was given by the Chinese Government to commemorate Hong Kong's independence from Britain. For Hong Kong people, the gilded bauhinia flower is an important symbol for which the base is made of a red granite pillar on a pyramid.The place got its name from the golden bauhinia blakeana statue facing the Wan Chai waterfront which is at the center of the area outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

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The Daily Flag Ceremony
There is a flag raising ceremony on all days except for the 1st day of the month. There are three flag hosting ceremonies every day. The daily ceremony includes playing the national anthem of the country with attendees in regular attire.The rifle unit wears their ceremonial attire and police officers raise the flag.There is a 10minute musical performance by the police band.

Many foreign and domestic tourists come to Golden Bauhinia Square to witness the ceremonies. At night there is a Symphony of Lights performance which is also attracted by tourists in large numbers.  People are fond of taking photographs during the event. One can stroll along the 400-meter waterfront Expo Promenade.

Symbols and Their Meaning
The Golden Bauhinia is made up of stone tables overlapping each other. The symbolic meaning of tablets are interesting. Each tablet represents the years from 1842 until 2047. There are six tablets that represent the six most important years in Hong Kong's history. The tablets are round and made of lightly colored granite. There are 50 smaller rings which denotes Hong Kong's way of life and the capitalist system that will remain unchanged even after 50 years.The white ring symbolizes Hong Kong's sovereignty. Inscriptions in President Jiang Zemin's calligraphy can be found at the monument. The monument serves as a symbol of reunification.

Getting there
The place is very popular and hence easy to find Golden Bauhinia Square as it is a very popular landmark in Hong Kong. It is only a fifteen minute walk from the Wan Chai MT Station.

Nearby Attractions

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is one of themost impressive architectural sites. This place shows off the visual proof that Hong Kong is becoming even more developed.

Happy Valley Racecourse

Inside the Exhibition centre there are 5 exhibition halls, 2theaters, 2 convention halls and 52 meeting rooms. There are also restaurants offer tastey food to domestic and foreign visitors within walking distance from Golden Bauhinia Square.
Financiers and businessmen make this place their favourite destination.

Central Plaza
Central Plaza is thehighest in Asia and tallest building in Hong Kong. It provides the city's most amazing timepiece as the rods at the top change colors every quarter hour. Central Plaza is a 78-storey building that is also among the world's tallest concrete-framed buildings.

Happy Valley Racecourse
For racing enthusiasts, Happy Valley Racecourse is the best place. It is just a few minutes from Golden Bauhinia Square by tram. Happy Valley boasts ultra modern technology for betting and live broadcasts on its gigantic screen. The fun starts at night, and both foreign and domestic visitors love to take a peek.

Bank of China Tower
Bank of China is elegantly-designed 70-story building got its inspiration from bamboo. It has large blue glass walls that make it one of the most photographed buildings in Hong Kong. It is one of the most stunning landmarks in Hong Kong.

Exchange Center
Exchange Center is not only Hong Kong’s stock exchange but also an important architectural achievement by Time Magazine. People come here for financial transactions and to spend time at leisure.

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