Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail Tour Hong Kong

Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail

The Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail (the Trail) is the second of its kind established in the New Territories by the government. Inaugurated on 4 December 1999, the 2.6 km Trail links up the built heritage sites and situates them within easy walking distance of each other. The Trail provides an opportunity to learn more about traditional life in the area of Lung Yeuk Tau, Fanling in a convenient half-day excursion.

The idea of setting up a heritage trail was initiated by the Antiquities Advisory Board. With the full support of local residents, the North District Council, the Architectural Services Department, the North District Office, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, it was brought to fruition after several years of preparation by the Antiquities and Monuments Office. Lung Yeuk Tau is home to the Five Wais (walled villages) and Six Tsuens (villages) of the Tang Clan. The "Five Wais" are:
• Lo Wai
• Ma Wat Wai
• Wing Ning Wai
• Tung Kok Wai also known as Ling Kok
• San Wai also called Kun Lung Wai

Siu Hang Tsuen
The area is home to several declared monuments and walled villages. The Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail has been established to promote and facilitate the visit of some of the historical places of the area. Places along the Heritage Trail include: Siu Hang Tsuen, San Wai aka. Kun Lung Wai, Sin Shut Study Hall in San Uk Tsuen, Wing Ning Wai, Wing Ning Tsuen, Tung Kok Wai aka. Ling Kok Wai, Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall, Tin Hau Kung, Lo Wai, Ma Wat Wai, Shek Lo, Tsung Kyam Church and Stone tablets to ward off evil spirits.

Notes to Visitors:
1. The Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail is open with the cooperation and support of the residents. Please respect and minimize all disturbances to them.
2. Not all of the historic buildings on the Trail are open to the public and the opening hours of the historic buildings may change from time to time.


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