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Esjehi Art Gallery

The national art gallery Esjehi Art Gallery

The national craftsmanship exhibition Esjehi Art Gallery is on the East of Sultan Park, in one of the entirely old structures of the capital malé.

This fascination of the Maldives should be vital in the way of life of the Maldivian individuals. The exhibition keeps up and underpins conventional and contemporary craftsmanship’s of the Maldivian individuals.

Esjehi Art Gallery
Esjehi Art Gallery

Building workmanship display Esjehi Art Gallery returns us amid the 1870-ies. This building initially had a place with the senior investigation of the Sultan. It is little, yet embellished wonderfully safeguarded wooden, covered with one of a kind stunning carvings, boards.

National workmanship display Esjehi Art Gallery is a perpetual place of introduction of shows of contemporary Maldivian specialties and presentations of conventional items. In the display building is a devoted place for the introduction of the presentation Maldives skilled workers and craftsmen, where you can appreciate a little gathering of fine arts.

For sightseers it will be extremely important is there when there are no shows, then you can make discussion with specialists and artisans, to perceive how they work and to buy as a trinket of some most loved work. This advancement of the way of life of the Maldives and the opening of the craftsmanship exhibition owe the administration, which is constantly searching for new ability, creating global contacts for the inventive development of new ability.

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