A' Famosa Resort - Theme Parks

A' Famosa Resort

Named after the renowned sixteenth century Portuguese fortresses of Melaka, A'Famosa Resort is encompassed by moving slopes and rich field and is appraised one of the locale's first relaxation and occasion destinations.

Unmistakable from the North-South Highway, A'Famosa Resort is a short separation far from the recorded town of Melaka. It is only a negligible a hour drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and one and half hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

The resort is a one-stop venue for business and joy, it brags a universal title fairway, outlined by eminent Australia green modeler Ross C. Watson, Water World Theme Park, Animal World Safari, Cowboy Town, Resort Hotel, Condotel and Villas.

The Resort, established in the year 1992 had come far into making the spot as a venue for everybody. The vision is to manufacture a concealed heaven to stay away from the bustling hints of the city. Development of the Resort started with an enormous landfills and grass planting in the Golf Course. In the same time, manors and properties start its improvement stage by stage.

The principal amusement stop ever built on the area was Water World. Finished its development in the year 1996, A'Famosa Resort had opened its doors to a huge number of guest to the resort from that point onward. The following fascination finished in the year of 2001 which was the Animal World Safari. The Safari was one of its kind in those days where the idea of creatures wandering unreservedly and capable creatures performing traps got to be one of the districts."An unquestionable requirement to revisit." after one year, in 2002 A'Famosa Resort presented another fascination which was the Cowboy Town. Lived up by its name, the Cowboy Town was the visionary of the organizer to remember the period of the Wild West.

With the whole foundation, one can visit to the Resort with such a large number of purposes. Be it for a family assembling, a school outdoors, a corporate trip or even just to escape to a greener pace, everybody leaves this spot with a grin on the face.

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