Magic Art Museum - MALAYSIA

Lost World of Tambun

As we probably are aware, craftsmanship has dependably been one of the best revelations by people... It is in the realm of hues, profundities and creative energies where the shrouded excellence of the natures one of a kind manifestations are best observed and even feel… 3D artistic creations are the result of years of motivations and improvement into the visual adjustments of customary workmanship, joining both novel shading representation and shading procedures, 3D expressions have turned into the new apex in the displays of present day inventive expressions...

Here with Magic Art Museum, we have worked together intimately with each other to join both the vital area of Melaka being the principle verifiable attractions for most Malaysians, to the novel drawing force of 3D sketches to pull in the fun, the easygoing, and the group of guests who are into new encounters and brilliant photograph shooting fine art for themselves.

Enchantment Art Museum Melaka is deliberately situated at the Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, and are around 10 – 20 minutes from most real shopping buildings and vacationer areas in Melaka, similar to the Eon Hypermarket, Dataran Pahlawan Mall, Parkson, and The Jonker Street. For those coming straightforwardly from Ayer Keroh Toll, it is even just a brisk 10 minutes away.
The opening hours of Melaka Magic Art Museum is from 10am – 7pm (Monday to Friday), & 9am – 9pm (for end of the week, school occasion and open occasion).

Beginning from 30th April 2015, Melaka Magic Art Museum have been formally open for visits, and have since been gone by a developing number of every day guests and photograph lover. Enchantment Art Museum had more than 7,000 square feet of show space over the whole the working, with a special topic being dispensed to each assigned presentation space. Our expert 3D craftsmanship group from Thailand make the 3D work of art much livelier as we join our skill to make the absolute best in 3D divider drawings for our spearheading display in Melaka. There are a sum of 8 extraordinary subjects intended for the Magic Art Museum, and with more than 70 bits of 3D drawings displayed all through the whole space of the show.

The 8 Themes available there are:

  • Underwater World
  • Fantasy
  • Waterfall & Ancient Angkor Wat Temple
  • Egypt
  • Culture of Malacca
  • Funny
  • Adventure
  • Ice World
Together with the blend of mitigating music that suites every subject, Magic Art Museum will undoubtedly give a remarkable ordeal to guests to bring home with.

What's more, for the individuals who are intrigued to further protect the memory of their superb encounters there, they can even pick to have their photographs imprinted onto an uncommon T-shirt at the endowments counter set up inside the display itself.

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