Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive is a well known seafront promenade inside George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The street is additionally one of Penang's most well known vacationer goals, popular for the road cooking sold from sustenance slows down situated along the seafront. As of late, the development of elevated structures and shopping centers have likewise prompted to Gurney Drive being proposed as the second focal business locale in George Town.

Already known as the New Coast Road, it was finished in 1936 along what was then known as the North Beach, and renamed in 1952 after Sir Henry Gurney, British High Commissioner in Malaya (1950–1951), who was killed by the guerrillas of the Malayan Communist Party amid the Malayan Emergency.

Throughout the years, the shorelines along Gurney Drive have generally been lost to seaside disintegration. All the more as of late, a land recovery extend at close-by Tanjung Tokong has turned around the disintegration, prompting to the growth of sediment and mud off Gurney Drive. Mangrove saplings have grown in the mud, which is presently frequented by egrets and different feathered creatures and in addition mudskippers. There have been recommendations that this range, in the past reserved for recovery under the suspended Penang Outer Ring Road venture, be recovered for a recreational stop or permitted to be produced into a mangrove woods

Starting at 2016, the shoreline off Gurney Drive is being recovered with the end goal of making an open recreational stop named Gurney Wharf.

Gurney Drive Hawker Center is one of the biggest and most surely understood nearby diners in Penang. It has been migrated a couple times, and is by and by situated at the northern end of Gurney Drive, just before the Gurney circuitous, between Sunrise Tower and Gurney Plaza. The Gurney Drive Hawker Center has been around since the mid 1970s, and is most likely the best known place for guests to Penang to enjoy the neighborhood vendor admission. Throughout the years, the cost at the seller focus has ascended higher than at bistros somewhere else in Penang, because of prevalence of the vendor focus among away guests and general commercialisation.

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