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Activities in terms of tourism are the ways which keep us active during a trip. In Nepal, there are a variety of activities that besides keeping tourists active also help understand the indomitable spirit of the country. The things to do in Nepal too resonate with its lifestyle. So it is naturally understood that the country has most of the travel attractions that are close to nature.
All the kinds of activity options here inspire the travellers to go out and explore themselves through all kinds of outdoor adventure activities. Such is the popularity of adventure activities in the region that they have become an inevitable part of existence here. Tourists can activate their flexes and muscle power through mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, rafting, bungee jumping, rafting, canyoning, jungle safari, eco tourism, etc.


The signature experience in Nepal, Mountaineering offers tourists once in a lifetime opportunity of enjoying the thrilling outdoor adventure here.

Rock Climbing

With amazing rock formations, Rock Climbing is evolving as an equally amazing hardcore adventure opportunity in majestic setting of Nepal.

White water Rafting

Glazing through crystal clear gushing waters and mapping the roaring rapids of powerful waters is what Whitewater rafting is all about.

Eco Tourism

A responsible way of travelling, eco-tourism admires the richly wonderful blessing of nature, i.e. flora, fauna, mountains, rivers on Nepal

Jungle Safari

The stunning way to experience wildlife in its natural form, Jungle Safari can be taken in Chitwan, Bardia, Sagarmatha, etc.

Bird Watching

A lot of birds chirp in Nepal as the country is home for 8% of the world’s bird population, i.e. more than 850 species


Soar the skies, soar above the highest mountains of the world in Nepal through paragliding, a thrilling way to fly in the sky.

Mountain Biking

An eco-friendly to experience the rugged Himalayan terrain, mountain biking is for those who dare to challenge mountain heights.

Bungee Jumping

Jumping down from a steel suspension bridge (160 m high) above Bhote Kosi River and performing bungee jumping is a daredevil act.

Boating and Fishing

Defining leisure of water activities, boating and fishing offer scenic, relaxing and rewarding experiences each and every time.

Horse Riding and Pony Trek

Less exhausting way of experiencing and covering rugged Himalayan terrain is to sit on a horse’s or pony’s back for a trek.

Butterfly Watching

Pleasure of Butterfly Watching lies in lap of nature. 11 of 15 butterfly families including 650 species spread joys here.


Yoga is not just a wellness discipline, but a comprehensive way of life here. Tourists come to experience authentic definition of yoga in Nepal.

Fossil Hunting

The fossillised ammonites created after formation of Himalayas can be seen in Nepal’s Kali Gandaki River comprise fossil hunting.


Pleasure doubles up when golfing is enjoyed in Nepal. Rich in scenery & landscape, golf combines the pleasure of nature & game in surreal way.

Mountaineering is almost synonymous to the signature Nepal experience, during which tourists enjoy conquering the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest. In addition to it, there are many other adventure sports that enhance the experiential side of this country. Trekking is also an add-on to enjoy the heights of the mountains.  It can be said about trekking that it is once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty and receptive culture of Nepal.

Mountain biking is another evolving way to experience the diverse hilly terrain. Peddling on the hidden trails represents the rich way to experience the country’s mystique on the off beaten trails. The presence of some best trekking trails in the world here also adds on to fascinating trekking experiences.

Rock climbing also gives another opportunity to personally experience the thrilling sport in the company of the eight of the largest peaks of the world in this country. Everybody loves being so close to the thrilling mountains. Here, the cliffhangers can enjoy this adventure sport around Nagarjuna forest and Shivapuri National Park.

Trekking is another exciting way to experience the variety of adventure in this country. The unbeaten cultural beauty and natural appeal accompanies the rich thrilling experience here. Paragliding also offers one of a kind opportunity to witness some of the world’s best scenery from the sky and unleash the thrills of flying amidst Himalayas.

White water rafting is another rich experience of Nepal. There are plenty of rivers in the region that give enough opportunities of surpassing the roaring rapids and enjoy the rich rafting opportunities in the region.

The country is also rich in wildlife that allows tourists to experience rich jungle experiences in terms of Jungle Safaris. With two of the natural world heritage sites, Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park, the country represents its rich wealth of flora and fauna. The haven for one horned rhinoceros and Royal Bengal tiger, Nepal offer tourists immense opportunities to experience rich wildlife. Butterfly and birdlife watching also represent the rich faunal heritage of the region. A paradise for bird lovers, the destination has a staggering variety of around 646 species (almost 8% of the world total) of birds.

All this and a lot more are a part of things that can keep all kinds of tourists active in Nepal.

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