Spiritual Tourism

Nepal is a spiritually inclined country. Devotion rules the roots here and people engage and express themselves through spiritual disciplines. This inclination towards the divine makes Nepal a spiritually fulfilling destination. Together with the cool and sacred geography of Himalayas, the country provides a great backdrop for spiritually engaging activities like yoga and meditation. Tourists come here to have a share of unique divine revelation through such disciplines.

Yoga - The world thinks that yoga is a wellness discipline with its physical emphasis and postures or asanas. But yoga is more than just a bunch of postures. It is a system that collectively brings awareness in an individual in terms of spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines. This is much more than what it is known for. It culminates many facets of personality and unifies it on the whole for the spiritual attainment of the soul. There are different branches of yoga, namely Karma Yoga – selfless life, Bhakti Yoga – defined by divinity and Jnana yoga – deep meditation phase attained after accomplishing Bhakti or Karma yoga.

The ancient discipline has been followed for ages by saints or rishis over thousands of years. They followed it to harmonize their body, mind and soul to attain balanced life, ideal to begin the spiritual unison with the supreme. It is often said that it takes years to master this discipline. But one can definitely learn the postures and basic techniques of meditation for a relaxed and calming life.

The range of postures learnt during a yoga tour help individuals gain physical strength, endurance and resistance to diseases. It even builds up the resistance of body against diseases. The asanas also elevate the stress of all kinds. Mentally, they bring in awareness, strengthen concentration and raise the consciousness of the mind. The discipline is simple, but the benefits are multifaceted. In short, it is the key to a healthy, happy and wise individual.

There are numerous ways in which yoga can be experienced in Nepal. Kathmandu is the center of yoga and meditation. There are a number of places in the city where authentic practices of Yoga and Meditation can be learnt. One can take a special yoga tour in Nepal or even combine yoga and meditation session with other special Nepal itineraries in the country.

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