Wildlife Adventures

Wildlife is the wealth of Nepal and offers a significant experience in the country. Around 37% of the country is covered with forests. This geographical facet makes it a green destination. The domination of forests or jungles in the center region, Terai makes it a renowned wildlife destination. Around the greenery of such thick tropical jungles only one can enjoy the great wildlife adventures.

Jungle Safari - As one of the richest countries in biodiversity, Nepal hosts plentiful wildlife. Around 4% of world’s mammals thrive in the region along with 600 indigenous plant species. All such ingredients make Nepal a rich wildlife destination upbeat with many protected reserves. With nine National Parks, three Wildlife Reserves, three Conservation Areas, the region under Nepal is committed to wildlife tourism and conservation. This is possible only with the wildlife awareness and tourism initiatives as well. Besides offering tourists rich views of wildlife, tourism also keeps a check on the potential threats. The more the number of wildlife tourists visiting these protected reserves, the lesser will be the hunting.

Jungle safaris, thus are serving a dual purpose of fulfilling enthusiasts appetite for wildlife along with safeguarding wildlife from threats. Also, wildlife being one of the prime reasons of Nepal tour keeps the wildlife safe and secure. We can say that the combined efforts of local communities and tourists also contribute to the safety of wild species. All these efforts result in their increased numbers.

It can be noted that in February, 2014; Nepal was declared as Zero Poaching Country for 365 days, which means a year without reported hunting at a stretch. This zero poaching status of Nepal added a new milestone in Wildlife Conservation efforts and contributed to the restoration of rhinos, tigers and elephants for the year.

The time is right to enjoy the bountiful jungle safari in Nepal. During this enchanting safari, tourists can view some of the rarest and most endangered range of wildlife on earth. The visitors can choose to go for elephant safaris, bush walking or other exciting activities in the reserved spots of Nepal. A wildlife tour of Nepal can also help tourists identify the locations and areas especially renowned in the country for wildlife tourism.


Bird watching A lot of birds chirp in Nepal. The facts also suggest that Nepal is home for 8% of the world’s bird population. This means more than 850 species of birds thrive in this faunally rich country.  Such a high number is a result of the country’s varying elevations. Even migratory birds too come to the country to enjoy the pleasant weather. The spiny babbler is unique bird spotted in Nepal only as it has yet to be spotted outside this country.

Other star attractions of birdwatching include storks (8 species) alongside the watercourses of Terai, demoiselle cranes near Kali Gandaki and Koshi in winters. The endangered sarus crane can be seen in Bardia National Park and the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary. Vultures, fork-tailed pariah kites, golden eagles and the huge Himalayan griffon and lammergeyer are the bird predators that can be spotted during a special bird watching trip in Nepal.

For a perfect bird watching tour, visitors can head towards Chitwan National Park, Koshi Tappu Wetlands, Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Pulchowki Mountain, Mai Valley, Ghodagodhi Lake, Lumbini, etc. Special bird-watching tours can also be enjoyed in the different national parks and wildlife reserves.


Butterfly Watching is also a popular leisure activity in Nepal. To be precise, 11 of the 15 families of butterflies flutter in this exotic country. It means more than 650 species of butterflies spread colours of joy here.


Eco Tourism- When god has bestowed so much greenery on Nepal, it becomes the responsibility of not just the locals but even tourists too to travel responsibly during a wildlife tour. Thus, it forms the backdrop of all wildlife adventure activities to adhere to responsible travel practices during travelling. As a wildlife and adventure destination, Nepal offers a lot of natural wealth to the tourists. Henceforth, it becomes the responsibility of travellers to explore the destination and follow responsible eco tourism practices.

This is an awakened way of eco tourism practices wherein tourists try to keep the environment clean and pristine. While travelling to the jungles, make sure you are not leaving the litter, plastic bags or take the wood out of a tree. This is done so as to keep the wildlife safe and secure in their habitats. Remember you are a visitor to their natural habitats. Keep them intact in a conserved state for flourishing wildlife tourism.

These small initiatives make a positive change and contribute to the quality of environment for future generations to come.


Fossil Hunting is generally a rare travel activity to be carried in Nepal. It is nothing but fossillised ammonites that were created after the formation of Himalayas from the Tethys Sea. The fossils can be seen in the sacred Kali Gandaki River in Nepal. According to spiritual beliefs, the stone is also worshipped as a manifestation of the Hindu God, Vishnu.

All such activities and excursions are a part of wildlife adventures in Nepal. Thriving with greenery and wildlife, the world of wonderful natural travel opportunities can be enjoyed during a wildlife tour in Nepal.

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