Cuisine of Nepal

Cuisine is the best reflection of a country’s culture. It is the first hand outlet to understand the country’s richness. Through the tasting of food, tourists and visitors understand the cuisine in their own personal way, and in turn perceive the country as well.  The blending of spices, colours and flavours creates your own personal experience for the country you are visiting.
Same is the case with the Cuisine of Nepal. As diverse as the country itself, the country’s culinary treasures are inspired by its neighbouring country, India. But there is a slight difference to the Nepali cuisine for it is not too spicy. The flavours are simple, yet delicious and make up an interesting base for tourists to enjoy the food here.
Both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are enjoyed with full interest here. Quick to cook and high on nourishment, the recipes of Nepal does not lack in flavor with the extensive use of spices and condiments like coriander, pepper, ginger, garlic, cumin, mustard oil, chili, cilantro, etc.
Rice is the basic staple of Nepali cuisine. The accompaniments include breads or rotis, lentils, potatoes, yoghurt, chutney, pickles, papadams, etc. Dal Bhat is one of the favourite dishes in Nepal which includes rice and lentils. Momos are the delicious dumplings relished in Nepal. Originally from Tibet, Momos with vegetarian and meat fillings are also eaten with great interest. Thukpa is another popular dish of Nepal. It is hot noodle soup, containing morsels of meat and vegetables and is enjoyed during winters in the hilly areas. In terms of non-vegetarian food, Nepal is heaven. Here, you can gorge on the ducks, lamb and goat’s meat in a variety of dishes.
Nepal’s culinary wealth comprises more to its treasures that can be enjoyed first hand during a tour to Nepal.

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