Activities in Bhutan

Considering its small size and isolated location, Bhutan has a lot of attractions that can be covered during its special trip. The reasons might differ from one person to another; still the destination has the captivating persona and enigmatic appeal to attract all. There is so much to do in Bhutan. One can trek across high mountain passes, drive through the alpine forests, hike through the magnificent dzong fortress monasteries, enjoy the ancient Bhutanese culture and even visit the monasteries, museums and local homes.

Its natural wealth too leaves an enduring impact on tourists. Blessed with happiness, prosperity and satisfaction, Bhutan is one of the few nations to depend upon organic farming completely. Here, rhododendrons bloom in spring, and around 60% of the area is covered by forests. Also, the botanical riches can be seen in the form of Takin, the national animal of Bhutan, snow leopards, one-horned rhino, sloth bear, sambar, Himalayan musk deer. The destination is also famous for hosting over 670 species of birds. All such natural treasures build up a scintillating backdrop for travellers who can enjoy wildlife tours, birdwatching, mountain treks and eco tourism in this Himalayan kingdom.

Bird Watching


of thunder dragon, Bhutan has equally exotic capital that’s straight out of the fantasy world. It has mythical, more »

Eco Tourism

One can never neglect Paro if planning a Bhutan Tour. The city has the only international airport in the country that gives this Shangri-la more »

Spirituality & Wellness

Punakha in Bhutan served as the old capital of the country for the 300 years (17th to 19th century). It has a picturesque dzong and more »

Adventure in Bhutan

One can never neglect Paro if planning a Bhutan Tour. The city has the only international airport in the country that gives this Shangri-la more »

In terms of spirituality and wellness, the destination has its own interpretation in the form of meditation, hot spring bath, and natural Bhutanese remedies. All such traditional forms are practiced here in a genuine form. They even help the tourists enjoy the essence of rejuvenation in Bhutan.

In terms of adventure, the country hosts loads of power-packed attractions including cycling, trekking, rafting, rock climbing, fishing, etc that rise up the adrenaline rush. The pristine setting here offers inimitable adventure opportunities.

Phuentsholing is another tourist destination in Bhutan famous as the arrival point for Indians on road. Indians, Maldivians and Bangladesh tourists can reach Bhutan without any Visa and this facet of freedom can be easily enjoyed with a drive from Kolkata and Siliguri to Phuentsholing.

All of these activities in Bhutan not only keep the tourists active throughout the trip, but also engage their senses for an overall travel experience. For a more enriching experience it is suggested for a prospective visitor to know more about the activities for a better trip.

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