SAKTENG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY - Best-Kept Natural Heritage of Bhutan

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary
Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is the part of Eastern part of Shangri-La Kingdom– Bhutan and has a lot more waiting to be discovered in its periphery. The youngest sanctuary in the country, it protects a diverse ecosystem and preserves great natural heritage in a big way. Here, semi-nomadic tribes like Brokpas thrive along with a rich biodiversity, thereby setting up a new example of cherishing nature in life. The tribals thrive on livestock rearing and are an intrinsic part of the ecosystem.

In terms of flora, the sanctuary is blessed with the presence of Himalayan ecosystem based on alpine meadows, temperate forests, etc. It also harbours around 35+ species of Rhododendrons spread out in thick colourful carpets. Besides picturesque Rhododendrons, the sanctuary also offers flourishing grounds for the country’s national flower – blue poppy, primulas, etc. In terms of fauna, the sanctuary is a natural home for snow leopards, Himalayan black bear, red panda, barking deer, Himalayan red fox. According to local beliefs, the abominable snowman or Yeti also thrives here in large numbers. In terms of birds also, the region is rich. Here, Assamese macaw, blood pheasant, common hoopoe, grey headed woodpecker, grey backed shrikes, can be spotted.

The floral diversity of SWS comprises a wide range of ecosystem comprising of different forest types within an altitude ranging from 1700-4100 masl. It represents diversity of eastern Himalayan terrestrial eco-system-alpine meadows, temperate forest and warm broadleaf forest.

How to reach Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary
It is around 340 kms from Thimpu and can be easily accessed from Sakteng village in eastern Bhutan.

Best time to visit Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary
The best months to visit here are from late March- Early September.

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