History of Bhutan

Punakha Dzong
Mystery intersperses history in Bhutan, a landlocked country of South Asian subcontinent. Steeped in folklore, the past here is based on myths and Buddhist accounts rather than historical accounts. Say, the region was visited by Guru Rinpoche on a flying tiger and left the imprint of his body and his hat on the rocks. Supernatural here has invaded the fact and the people here take pride in their Buddhist myths and legends. As per school texts, demons threatened the region and destroyed temples until captured through magic and converted to Buddhism. The ancient history is based on all this exotic legends. Warlords, feuds, castles, fierce battles, Buddhist saints enhance the mystery quotient of this region.

Earliest impression of civilization here can be traced back with the presence of nomadic herders in 1500-2000 BC. Monpas, the native Bhutanese are believed to have migrated from Tibet and settled here as herders. Little we get to know about Bhutan’s ancient history, except from the fact that it was divided into several feuding regions.

Bhutan vally
For centuries, the same trend continued until it was unified under the sole rule of King Ugyen Wangchuck in 1907. The British tried to assert their control over the country’s affairs, but never colonized it. Until 1960’s, it was majorly isolated from the rest of the world. Its people led a simple, traditional and peaceful way of life dependent upon farming and trading only. Later, as a neighbor to India, the nation strengthened its ties and even paved way for new roads and other connections with this incredible country. This is one of the main reasons why tourists prefer to visit Bhutan with India tour.

In 1960s, the country also took the baby steps towards social undertook social modernization, but in a calculated way. That’s the beauty of Bhutan which still retains the traditional old world charm and vibe to it. The country loves its simple and endearing ways of life. This is the main reason why people here are happy with what they have in terms of rich culture and continuing heritage. And tourists on a Bhutan tour can see what all they are missing in their hustle-bustle of life.

Another differentiating aspect here is the fact that the monarchs were not overthrown out of power. Instead, the democracy here has been marked by the active encouragement and contribution of reigning monarchs.

All such facets make the history of this eastern country colourful and exotic in every sense. More about the history can be sensed while participating in the intriguing and exciting tour packages of Bhutan.

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