Bhutan Adventures

Bird Watching

Bird Watching in Bhutan is one of the country’s divine experiences. The country, rich in natural wonders like flora and fauna hosts over 670 species of birds. Watching such birds not only adds enjoyment to our lives, but also brings us closer to nature. Bhutan brings such delightful experiences to the tourists in the form of observing birds.

The birding delights begin when tourists drive up through the western slopes of Dochu La near Thimphu. The high altitude roads here lead the travellers through pristine mixed forests of oak, fir, hemlock, magnolias, and rhododendrons. The forests here are not just rich in natural bounties, but also are a dwelling ground to a great range of birds. Flocks of birds can be seen here in the morning and evening. The notable species to be observed quite often here include Quarrelsome Nutcrackers, skulking Hill Partridge, a Golden Bush Robin, Brown Parrotbill, Tragopan, Cutia and Fire-tailed Myzornis.

Punakha also has a birding haven near Mo Chhu River in its bird-rich subtropical forests. Such is the uniqueness of this route that one can spot even rarest avians of Bhutan in the form of white-bellied heron, minivets, ibisbills, bay woodpecker, wedge-tailed pigeon, etc. Different colours and exotic species fill the surroundings with colours, chirpiness and happiness. Pleasure mounts to great heights, just like the country itself when we talk about bird watching tours in Bhutan.

Central Bhutan also has its own birding specialties like parrotbills and golden-breasted fulvetta. The hillside scenery near Bumthang valley covered in spruce and fir again hosts the rich variety of avifauna in the form of nutcrackers, slender-billed scimitar babbler, white-browed bush robins, rosefinch, etc.

Bomdeling in Eastern Bhutan again is a premium birding destination for it serves as a shelter to about rare migratory black-necked cranes in winter season. Besides the regular bird species, the country also protects many birds that are suffering the risks of extinction. Imperial Heron is one of the fifty rarest birds in the world that can be seen in Bhutan. Same is the case with the cranes that can be spotted during winter season.

All this and much more is the part of bird watching trip experience in Bhutan. To know more about special itineraries, contact our team of tour experts here.


Eco Tourism
Eco Tourism Bhutan is blessed with great biodiversity. If a traveller goes by its small size on the map, he might ignore all the natural bounties present in this blessed destination. But the reality is that he can’t. Despite its small landmass, Bhutan has a remarkable abundance of flora and fauna and is one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world.

Naturally, if the country is rich in biodiversity, the efforts to preserve this natural heritage are also evident. Bhutan already hosts a high value, low impact tourism policy. This facet is interpreted as the nation’s awareness towards its highly fragile environments and cultural roots. The country is committed towards its eco-friendly initiatives in every way possible. The standards with which the environment here is preserved can be observed with a simple fact where no traffic lights are installed in the entire nation. Still, the country’s simple ways rule out any chaos and problematic situations.

The same is valid for the eco tourism initiatives in Bhutan. There is no death in the environment-friendly travel opportunities here. In fact, many tourists come here to sense the nature in its pristine form. The rugged, natural terrain here has a lot to offer which makes it to the beautiful natural experiences here. The upper reaches here host snow covered mountains and glaciers whereas the lower elevations host a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife as a part of its ecology.

Countless species of endangered animals and rare plants and herbs thrive here without any danger or threats. Additionally, the country here also values its ecology. The efforts of the locals and initiatives of the government play a huge role in preserving the pristine essence of the country. In accordance to the policy, 60% of the landmass must remain forested. In response to this, around 72% of the area is forested. The endangered species like Takin, Red Panda, Golden Langur, Bengal Tigers, Black Bears, Barking deers can be also seen in Bhutan much easily. In terms of avians, the country is a birding hotspot where around 600+ birds nest in its lush green forests. There are 10 national parks which serve as the hubspots for thriving flora and fauna in the country.

In short, Bhutan has all the essentials that make it a promising environment friendly destination apt for eco tours. Such is the importance of eco-tourism in the country that many tourists who plan to visit Bhutan equate it with its nature friendly tours.



It’s in the spirit of a traveller to achieve what he wants during a trip. If he’s looking for authentic spiritual experiences, then Bhutan is certainly a favourable destination. The landlocked country certainly has the calming essence, spiritual bliss and different wellness that count up to the satisfying travel experiences.

There are many instances through which tourists can feel peaceful in the company of Bhutan. The country offers soothing solace to the travellers through many ways. Either through cultural exchange and understanding Bhutanese way of life, or participating in prayers and meditation or wellness therapies, one can revive the body and spirit with some valuable experiences.

Many meditation centers and Bhutanese retreats work in great favour for the modern travellers. Complemented with the simple ways of life, such retreats target the main source of stress in mind and balance it with proper care and meditation tours. Many tourists even come to this last Buddhist kingdom specifically for a quiet and peaceful retreat stay. Here, they can get rid of stress and problems of modern lifestyle through special yoga and meditation sessions and experience the good side of life.

Here, meditation is seen as a connecting force with the almighty. As a religious practice of Vajrayana Buddhism, meditation is a common activity followed Monks and Buddhist practitioners in Bhutan. Even tourists come at times here in the special Bhutanese retreats next to temples, monasteries and monastic schools for peaceful contemplation.

During these meditation and retreat tours, the practitioners come across their inner self and meditate upon the existence of life. It entirely depends upon how much time the travellers wish to devote to this solitary engaging exercise. Some come here for fewer days whereas there are many who spend months here for this meditation experience.

Same goes well with the wellness exercise in Bhutan. The country has its own 17th century traditional medicine known as Sowa Rigpa. Under this discipline, the rich herbs are used to develop healing remedies for many ailments. Each of the 20 Dzongkhags (districts) have their own medicine center where tourists can get traditional Bhutanese remedies for any ailments they may have.

Hot springs or Tshachus also possess healing prowess. Their medicinal properties are known to cure various ailments like arthritis, body aches and even sinuses. Many tourists who wish to cure their pains and aches visit such Tshachus and experience the healing prowess. The Bhutanese people believe in the medicinal properties of these springs and visit these curative hot springs. In winters, the locals visit hot springs as a part of the popular tradition. The famous hot water springs or Tshachus in Bhutan are Gasa, Chubu, Dur, Duenmang and Gelephu.

The presence of such exotic spiritual and natural wellness beliefs make Bhutan a healing destination. Tourists can spend their vacations here in solace and return back home in a revived state of existence. Wish to know more about spirituality and wellness itineraries; contact our team of tour experts here.


Adventure in Bhutan

Mountain biking
If we talk about activities, Adventure is the most apt way to engage the mind, body and senses in Bhutan. Bestowed with many natural wonders, the country is an authentic destination to participate in adventure sports. The highlands of Himalayas here serve as amazing backdrop for exciting activities like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, trekking, fishing, etc.

Travelling here is considered as an adventure by some travellers. The country is unlike the many other destinations worldwide. It has not a single traffic light, still nothing gets chaotic. It got TV only 15 years back. It was considered backward, but not now anymore. It has preserved the uniquely exotic culture with a lot of care and concern that add up to the value of travel and tours in Bhutan.

In terms of adventure, the country hosts complete Himalayan sports and give the feeling of chills and thrills to the adventurers. In the company of mountains, rivers and uniquely intriguing culture, travellers can enjoy a wholesome mix of travel and thrill together during Bhutan Adventure Tours.

One can easily enjoy rich cycling opportunities on the rugged landscape of the country. On road biking and off-road mountain biking are again favourite mountain adventures to be enjoyed here. Such is the fascination of the country that is attracting many local Bhutanese and foreign travellers to have a taste of mountain adventure here. The sport has now become a great way to find out more about the country, its landscape and culture and interact with the locals as well. Many special biking routes on smooth roads as well as rugged mountainous terrain can be organized here easily.

Trekking is another signature experience of adventure that can be enjoyed here in full form. It is often said about it as an activity that sets the country apart in terms of trekking. The Himalayan Shangrila boasts heights and offers amazing hiking and grueling adventures. The famous trek tours are Druk Path Tours, Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek, Jomolhari Loop, Snowman Trek, Nabji Korphu Trek, Merak-Sakteng Trek, Gangtey Trek, etc.

Kayaking and Rafting is another adventure activity to be cherished completely in Nepal. The clean glacial rivers play a perfect host for water adventures.

All such activities make Bhutan a country rich in adventure of all sorts. You can also come to Bhutan and enjoy its rare mix of culture and adventure during your destination holiday. Just contact our team of tour experts by filling the query form or visit the pre-planned Bhutan adventure trip section.

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