Thailand Adventure Tour
Water Sports

Thailand is affirms to be a thrilling place for adventure enthusiasts. The opportunities for sports and recreation in Thailand are as diverse as the land itself. People here take their fun seriously and they firmly believe that it would be a dull world if it were all work and no play. Making up to its belief, Thailand offers incredible adventure option to its visitors. The thrill which accompanies the adventure gets doubles up when it is merged with a mesmerizing backdrop.

Water sports are the country’s biggest attraction, with perfect conditions ensured by the combination of a tropical climate and some of the world’s most stunning beaches and islands. At Pattaya, Phuket, and other such resort centers, there are facilities for all sorts of activities to get you in, on, above and below the water, from windsurfing to parasail, from water skiing to deep-sea fishing. The fastest growing water sport, however, is scuba-diving and numerous spots around Thailand’s extensive coastline afford ideal conditions with crystal-clear water and an abundance of marine life. Yachting is also becoming increasingly attractive, with facilities for both dinghy sailing and the chartering of larger yachts for cruising. For those who have never undertaken these types of activities, expert tuition is available at the major resorts and in four or five days you can, for example, gain a scuba-diving proficiency certificate.

Thailand Adventure Trip
Elephant Trekking

If talk about some adventure on land then golf is undoubtedly the main sporting option, with Thailand regarded as one of the world’s top golfing destinations. To the golf enthusiasts, the game is pure pleasure no matter where it is played. In Thailand’s it is sheer paradise. Not only does the Kingdom boast some 200 golf courses, many of them of championship standard and designed by leading names in the game, it also promises exceptional facilities and services for players and their families.

If your wish is simply for a little exercise, most leading hotels in Bangkok and the main travel destinations have tennis courts, fitness centers and quite often, squash courts. At the other end of the activity scale, there are opportunities for extreme sports such as rock-climbing or hang-gliding. Hill trekking and elephant trekking are other light options for the adventure beginners.

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