The Historic Town of Sukhotai

Historic Town of Sukhotai

Thailand is a place which is mesmerizing in every aspect, whether it is about thrilling entertainment or pampering yourself with the variety of spas. Usually, the country is related to some exciting activities like nightlife, spa & massage, adventure sports, vibrant street life, etc. There is one other thing which the country boasts – the history and heritage. The place is amazingly prosperous in housing interesting relics that depicts the country’s fascinating past. There are various destinations which exclusively known to contribute in the heritage. One of the most famous of such destinations is the Historic Town of Sukhotai and the Associated Historic Towns.

Like the city of Ayutthaya, Sukhotai too served as the capital of the Siam Kingdom. However, the only difference was that it was the capital of the first kingdom. With being the capital, it also marks the beginning of Thai architecture in the country with its interesting edifices. Both the cities Ayutthaya and Sukhotai have things in common as both of them served as the capital of the Siam kingdom. The city was at its peak in the 13th and 14th centuries. The Khmers initiated the establishment of this city. The city flourished gracefully till the time Thais took it over in 1230. It witnessed the origination of Thai language and alphabet. The language was originated with the start of revising some forms of Khmer alphabets and merging it with some Thai words by King Ramkhamhaeng. With the emergence of the Thai language, King Ramkhamhaeng made Sukhothai a powerful kingdom.

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Historic Town of Sukhotai

The highlight of the city lies in the fascinating ruins of the twenty six wats (temples) and monuments. The ruins look incredibly amazing and the legends which they hold behind their emergence are all the more interesting. The best of these temples is the Wat Mahathat which exhibits the unique architecture and systematic layout of the time. The walls of the city which forms an elegant rectangle depict the influence of the civilization that has been evolved. 'Sukhothai style' is what the locals have named the cultural influences and architectural brilliance which is reflected by the ruins. There are about 193 ruins on 70 square kilometers of land that stands as the evidence to the glory of the city in its time. The ruins also comprise the remains of the grand royal palaces.


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