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With an incredible splendor to behold, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island which is often referred to as the Pearl of the Andaman and is uniquely shaped like an irregular pearl. The island has poised itself about 867 kms south of Bangkok and stretches itself about 21 kms. Being an incredible island, Phuket boats a shoreline which is beautifully fringed with white sandy beaches and quiet coves, bathed by the azure waters of the Andaman Sea. The island has an enchanting setting with a backdrop of emerald hills, swaying coconut groves, and interesting rubber plantations etc.

The island is fascinatingly blessed by sheer natural splendour and the amiable hospitality of the locals. This makes it a perfect tourist delight which is further supported by superb tourism facilities. Such features make it one of the world’s premier tropical resorts at present. The glorious palm-fringed beaches, an incredible island-stubbed sea, lavish accommodation, lip-smacking seafood, thrilling adventure sports, interesting leisure opportunities and, the mesmerizing year-round sunshine, are a few of what makes a trip to Phuket a truly memorable holiday.

Beaches & Bays

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Hat Pattaya

Hat Mai Khao
Phuket’s grace primarily lies in its glorious coastline of this pine-fringed stretch which affirms of be the longest beach of Phuket. The highlight of the place is the giant sea turtles that move ashore to lay their eggs. The process takes place each year, from November through to February.

Hat Laem Sing
It is a connecting beach whose one end is connected to Hat Surin, whereas the other end is only 5 minutes walking distance from Hat Kamala. The highlight of the beach is that the white sand is dotted with rocks which look all the more alluring against the azure backdrop.

Hat Kamala
Yet another favorite of tourists, this fine stretch of sandy beach comprises two ends among which the northern end is suitable for swimming and is partly shaded by casuarinas.

Hat Patong
It is the hot favorite beach as it is known to be Phuket’s most developed beach. One can enjoy the exciting activities including leisure, water sports, shopping, and other recreational options on this 3 kms crescent bay. The vivacious nightlife and savory cuisine is the highlight here.

Laem Phanwa
Apart from the natural brilliance one can explore the Marine Biological Research Centre and Phuket’s Aquarium which affirms to be a habitat of myriads of exotic and colourful marine species.
Ko Si Re
The small island is poised 4 km northeast of the town. The sea gypsy village is the primary highlight of the place apart from the nature’s glory and is considered the largest sea gypsy village in Phuket.


Other Attractions

The Thai Village and Orchid Farm

Phuket Tours
Thai Village and Orchid Farm
The place is perfect for experiencing the authentic southern Thai specialties for lunch, and dinner while enjoying the cultural shows that features Thai dances, sword-fighting, Thai boxing, elephants, and local customs etc.

Thalang National Museum
The museum comprises a collection of exhibits of ancient artifacts and other such intriguing stuffs which beautifully illustrates the life in Phuket in the past.

Namtok Ton Sai & Khao Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary
Apart from the mesmerizing setting bestowed on the territory by nature, this 22 sq. km. area is known for its opulence in wildlife which includes myriads of species like bears, porcupines, gibbons, and macaques, as well as over 100 bird species. It is a perfect space for walking trails.

Pearl Farms
There are beautiful pearl farms are located in and around Phuket. To visit them one needs to contact the TAT Phuket Office at 07621 1036, 07621 7138, 07621 2213 for information and details of arranging visits.


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