Railay Tour

The peninsula of Railay is incredibly fringed with the azure Andaman Sea which further isolates it from the mainland. The emerald woods and twisted rocky terrain at the periphery further beautifies its glory. The rocks and coast affirms to be perfect for some exhilarating adventures. Railay with its spectacular sights and thrilling terrain affirms to be an ideal jungle gym for rock-climbing fanatics. Not just adventure the place is opulent in housing natural brilliance which affirms to be a quaint paradise to people who wants to have a splendid escape from the usual hustle bustle.

Railay is listed among those incredible destinations of Thailand which offers a retreat to adventure enthusiast offering very single opportunity to indulge in some thrilling sport including rock climbing, sea kayaking, diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking, cooking, elephant trekking, white water rafting and quad biking. This tiny island can be famously called as an adventure island which is replete with adventure, thrill, excitement and fun.

The best places to explore in this exotically alluring island are:

The best places to explore in this exotically alluring island are:
Phra Nang Cave Beach: The beach boast the gleaming white sand coast at the southern tip of the peninsula. The place is embellished with mesmerizing scenery and affirms to be perfect for nature lovers. However, sharing close proximity from Ao Nang, it gets crowded and busy sometimes.

Railay Tour
Rai Leh West

Rai Leh East: known for housing the magnificent mangroves of the peninsula. The place is not advisable for those who want to indulge in water activities. However, it’s best for having some leisure time amidst the mesmerizing ambiance and having god food.

Rai Leh West: It comprises an elegant beach boasting shimmering white sand and shallow water. It affirms to be a perfect beach for swimming with low tides. However, the surface is quite rocky so one has to be careful about that.

Phra Nang Cave: prominent with the name of Diamond Cave, it is among the most interesting place in Railay. It comprises some fascinating sight-seeing destinations. It is known as Diamond cave primarily because of the some intriguing formations that glitters like diamond.

Phra Nang Shrine: The name of the shrine is dedicated to a princess who was drowned here. It is said that her spirit still visits the place and fulfills the desires of the fishermen who seeks her favour.


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