Heritage sites

Any region’s culture is reflected through its heritage. Therefore, heritage affirms to be an important aspect to every country in the world. Every region showcases its own unique and idiosyncratic heritage edifices. Thailand is one such region which is culturally affluent and the best of its culture is reflected in its heritage sites. It is not just the culture but also the glorious history of the country which is showcased through its heritage sites. The country comprises various edifices to honor the major events that marked the history of Thailand. Thailand's heritage attractions contribute significantly in both international and domestic tourism.

Thailand is extensively prosperous when it comes to heritage. Every significant heritage monument in the country has a long and proud history behind its emergence. These artistic monuments that contribute to the country’s heritage make excellent additions to sightseeing for those who love to explore such treasures of the country’s art, culture, and heritage.

Historic City of Ayutthaya

It is a place which is replete with the interesting relics of the glorious Siamese capital. One can explore the most authentic Thai art via its magnetizing wall paintings, and intriguing architecture...more »

Historic Town of Sukhothai

Explore the Historic Town which served as the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam and introduced the magnificent Thai architecture. The place which now stands as a ruin was once been a blossomed town in the 13th and 14th centuries...more »

Ban Chiang Archaeological Site

It is a place known for its prehistoric settlement which was discovered in around 1957 and was world-famous for its fascinating red painted pottery. There are many intriguing facts and evidences about the site...more »


It is an ancient city which showcases the time when the Khmer Empire was at its peak. It comprises some elegant and associated temples of Phanomrung and Muangtam which affirms to be the finest work of the time...more »

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