Historic City of Ayutthaya

Historic City of Ayutthaya

Sri Lanka is a country full of heritage wonders. There are innumerable places which showcases incredible splendor of heritage amidst the natural grandeur. With being a historically strong nation, Sri Lanka houses various towns and villages which affirm to be affluent in heritage marvels. One such place is The Historic City of Ayutthaya. The place was founded in 1350.It served as the second capital of the glorious Siamese Kingdom. It used to be the world’s largest cosmopolitan urban region. It was also a center of global diplomacy and commerce at the time when the city was at its flourishing peak. The city underwent all of this thriving prosperity during 14th to the 18th centuries.

The city is not just historically significant but it is naturally opulent too. Ayutthaya is poised over an island which is fringed by three rivers connecting the city to the sea. The city is above the tidal bore of the Gulf of Siam which not only provided a beautiful natural setting but also prevented it by the attacks of the sea-going warships of other nations. It further helped to protect the city from seasonal flooding. It was the most elegant and strategically located city of the time. However, in 1767, it was attacked and devastated by the Burmese army. The city was on fire during the time. Inhabitants were forced to abandon the city or were burned down. Since then the city was never rebuilt. Its remains are known as the historic city of Ayutthaya - an extensive archaeological site.

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Historic City of Ayutthaya

It has been enlisted under the World Heritage property and measures around 289 ha. An archaeological ruin at present, Ayutthaya is located in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District. The place is adorned with the fascinating remains of tall towers known as prang and intriguing Buddhist monasteries. The ruined edifices endow an insight of the city’s past and the splendor of its architecture. Every edifice holds a legend untold. Every region in the city foretells a story which needs to be uncovered. As you enter the city, you will come across various monuments and regions which showcase the history of the place being enclaves of foreign traders and missionaries via its idiosyncratic architecture. Go on a trail to discover the fascination behind the emergence and fall of this once grand and glorious city of Ayutthaya.

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