Bangkok Museum and Arts

Bangkok is an amazing destination to be in during one’s holiday. There are innumerable options which travelers can explore and enjoy in Bangkok. This splendid capital city of Thailand has something for every traveler irrespective of their diverse interests. Here, we will mention the interesting museums and art galleries which showcase the vibrant colours of this glorious city of Thailand.

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise Bangkok
This is the most beautiful place to have splendid memories. As the name suggest, it is a paradise with 3D. It is poised on the 4th floor of Esplanade Ratchadaphisek. It is the first 3D Art Museum in the city from Creators of 3D Art Museum in Thailand. MRT subway is the easiest way to reach there.

National Museum
Standing next to the Grand Palace, the museum is the best place to get familiar with the Thai- art and architecture. It is an old palace with numerous Thai-styled edifices that showcases architectural brilliance. It comprises of the country's artistic treasures from prehistoric to contemporary era.

Royal Barges Museum
It is a fascinating place to get up-close with the dashing dugouts and appreciate their charming features. It comprises of the gloriously crafted royal barges which are used in royal ceremonial processions.

Thai Human Imagery Museum
This fascinating museum comprises of human images made up of fiberglass. It is the first museum of such kind. The highlight of the place is the sculptures of Buddhist monks and Chakri dynasty rulers. It also showcases images with traditional Thai lifestyles and Thai children's games.

King Prajadhipok Museum

King Prajadhipok Museum
It is a magnetizing neo-classic building which dates back to 1906. It stands as the first monarchic museum that has modern technology. The highlight of the place is a fascinating compilation of King Rama VII's personal belongings and documents.

Bang Khunphrom Palace
The palace served as the royal residence of Prince Baripatra. After the prince’s demise, it served as offices to several organizations. Finally it is now standing as the Bank of Thailand National Museum. With an elegant architecture it attracts tourists apart from the collection of prince’s life, the history of the central bank and Thai and foreign currencies.

The Erawan Museum
It stands as the most enigmatic landmark of Samut Prakan Province. The edifice seems to be hiddhen under the massive three-headed elephant statue. The highlight of the place is the priceless antiques and religious objects.

Bangkok Seashell Museum
The intriguing museum boasts about more than 3,000 specimens of 600 species of seashells from around the world. Visitors are often left mesmerized by the charm of the diverse range of shells. The highlights are hard-to-see giant seashells and seashells of bivalve molluscs in vinrant hues.

The Queen's Gallery

Madame Tussauds
It is the famous place where the world’s prominent people have their lifelike wax statues. The highlight of the place is the glorious 10 themed zones and more than 90 wax figures of celebrities.

The Queen's Gallery
The establishment of the place took place with the wish of HM Queen Sirikit. The gallery comprises an assortment of Thai visual arts including paintings and sculptures. Apart from beholding the artistic brilliance, visitors can enjoy shopping for souvenirs designed by leading Thai artists, etc.

National Art Gallery
It stands as the most beautiful edifices of Thailand. The gallery comprises both classical and contemporary arts of prominent Thai artists. His Majesty King Bhumibol's oil paintings are the highlight here.

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