Bangkok Tourist Attractions

Bangkok is one of the most populated cities of the world with 9 million inhabitants. It also comes under the best cosmopolitan cities of Asia with being a perfect place to explore the tantalizing temples, dazzling palaces, cute canals, pulsating nightlife and great shopping and something for every traveler. Here’s a look at some of its tourist attractions:

Chinatown (Yaowarat)
The most prominent destination to have the best of Bangkok, China Town affirms to be a food haven and shopping paradise for new generation foodies and shopping freaks. As the sun sets the simple street transforms into a vivacious place to have the best of Thailand’s street cuisine. The city gets jam-packed with glorious market stalls, vibrant restaurants and glittering gold shops. The street is always replete with pulsating crowd but still the best time to get around is during festivals like Chinese New Year. During such special days China Town Comes to Its best.

Lumphini Park
This exotic place affirms to be an emerald oasis amidst the bustling metro city. It is a perfect place to escape the vibrant life and indulge in some serene walks at the tranquil lawns, behold the beauty under the shade of the Chinese pagoda and explore the enchanting environs with a boat ride on the lake. It endows a contrasting landscape with comprising tranquil environs amidst the skyscraping vicinity. The place has a history of some anti-government protests, so it is advisable to check the status of the park before visiting. The park is open for visitors from 5am-9pm without any entry fee.

Jim Thompson House
It is a splendid garden-enclosed compound which is poised perfectly over the bank of the Saen Saeb Canal. The place is christened after an American man named Jim Thompson as the place showcases his love for the Southeast Asian art and its cultural heritage. The place is a complex of six traditional Thai teakwood houses which are replete with a unique compilation of antiques, art pieces and other such stuffs.

Calypso Cabaret
There are numerous cabarets in the city to enjoy the enigmatic nightlife. However, it is one of the best cabarets to enjoy the astonishing beauty of Thai transgender artists on stage. It is one of the oldest cabarets as it is entertaining people of all age groups since 1988. With a perfect setting of Asiatique the Riverfront, the cabaret not only entertains but also provides a perfect backdrop to enjoy a night out in Bangkok.

Bangkok Spas
Bangkok is one of the best places in Thailand to get you pampered. According to the Thai culture, the use of herbs and massage should be part of a regular health-and-beauty regimen. They firmly believe in the fact and implement it too. Therefore, the place is considered as the massage capital of the world. There are myriads of massage type which one can try during their visit. Each one of it is extensively rejuvenating and relaxing. However, the variations in spas do range from traditional Thai massage to an indulgent spa ‘experience’ with superlative service and style. There are innumerable choices of spa centers and a long list of spa which one can chose according to one’s interests.

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