Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays

Sri Lanka, a jewel to Indian Ocean, is an island where nature resides at its best with bestowing explicit essence of bliss. Sri Lanka comprises some exciting destinations where one can witness the beauty of the sun while it romances with shimmering sea. It is a place where the cool gentle wind flirts with the lush green trees, where the rushing streams generate an amazing sound and much more. The alluring beauty of this teardrop island amidst the Indian Ocean is something which cannot be described verbally. Sri Lanka is more of such ecstatic splendor but its shimmering beaches serve as the dominant attraction. This tropical island is dotted with temperate, appealing and most sensuous beaches that attract tourists across the world.

Sri Lanka houses one of the best coastlines of the world which stretches itself 1600 km from Negombo in the northwest to Trincomalee in the northeast bestowing miles of elegantly pristine beaches.  Beaches here are more tranquil and less explored and it seems that nature has blessed these bewitching beaches in the most unique manner. The contrasting view of azure sea with silvery sand, fringed with swinging palm trees under the sparkling sun will surely take one’s breath away. Every beach which one explores here would stand one-over–the-other in terms of categorization.

Hikkaduwa Beach

Bentota remains the most admired beach of Sri Lanka where visitors rejuvenate themselves amid the tranquil and picturesque natural ambiance. It is listed under the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka as it comprises the best of nature’s bounties in the form of lagoons and some freshwater rivers.

Hikkaduwa serves as one of the most prominent beaches of Sri Lanka comprising of a remarkable setting that magnetizes and attracts the visitors even from the most distant parts of the globe. Apart from the inexplicable setting, Hikkaduwa is known for its vibrant corals that beautify the sea all the more and water sports naming diving, snorkeling etc.

Arugam Bay is on the stretched sandy beach coast which is hemmed with dense palm groves that adds on to the alluring beauty of this exotic beach. It is one of those spectacular beaches of Sri Lanka that beautifies its territory with the most astounding natural glory.

Trincomalee lying elegantly on the eastern coast of this tropical island the white sandy beaches of Trincomalee are breathtaking and affirms to be the best place in Sri Lanka for in terms of surfing.

Tangalla, spell bounding tourists since time immemorial, this south eastern beach of Sri Lanka offers some really wide open spaces to revel and some ancient touch to it.

Arugam Bay

Beruwala, Mirissa and Unawatun are some other bewitching beaches of Sri Lanka bestowing the captivating natural splendor. One must not wait to explore the bewitching scenic charisma of the sea with the coconut grooves making this tropical island an exclusively enthralling destination which provides an incomparable landscape that mesmerizes its visitors.

Best time to visit: From May to September the Sri Lankan coast in the south gets drenched in the monsoons therefore the best time remains from November to April and vice versa is in eastern coast. So beach lovers are welcome in the country all year long.



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