Wildlife and Adventure Tours

Bird Watching

Sri Lanka houses an extensive range of avifauna species which adorns the skies of Sri Lanka when in the air and glorifies the land when quiescent on the woods. A major section of the species is endemic...more »

Animal Spotting

Sri Lanka is a habitat to a fascinating range of fauna species with exclusively having the two largest mammals in the world: Elephants and Blue Whales. With the presence of these enticingly huge species...more »

The Wanderer Trekking

Get fortunate amidst the glorious woods of Sri Lanka where one can enjoy the most bewitching sceneries of this exotic island while exploring the depths of the mesmerizing landscapes. This coastal territory is...more »

Sri Lanka is a globally eminent tourist destination which is widely favored for its diverse aspects which differentiates this nation from others. One of such features is the exotic wildlife which this island harbors through its numerous national parks, prosperous protected areas, booming bird sanctuaries and vivacious wildlife reserves that attracts a large population including nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world. Topography of this coastal nation serves as one of the dominant attraction with its steep ridges, undulating woods and emerald meadow. It even makes the experience of wildlife safari more adventurous and enthralling one. With such abundance, Sri Lanka affirms to be the best in providing the most authentic experience to an adventure tourist.

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