Heritage of Sites

Sri Lanka is primarily a blend of rich cultural heritage, exotic wildlife and religious significance. One of the most fascinating aspects that largely contribute in the tourism of Sri Lanka is its legendary heritage. Sri Lanka is an abode to some greatest monuments that have significant imprints on the history of this nation. The heritage of this island that incorporates chief monuments is not mere ruins or remains of some legendary past but is much more than that. These monuments stand as the landmarks of Sri Lanka's past which now showcase its legendary history and affluent culture. It also allures the travelers of all over the world who come to explore these amazing monuments that cannot be found anywhere else...more »


Polonnaruwa houses some fascinating ruins which comprises a strong history dating back to the 12th century. The glory of this city lies behind the history and the heritage that it has within its territory...more »


It is the city of the emerald woods that gloriously houses some of the world’s best heritage marvels. It’s not just the heritage but also the natural setting that endows some amazing glimpses that bewitches the travelers...more »

Golden Temple of Dambulla

Experience the glorious charisma that Buddha left behind in the form of this enigmatic Golden Temple. The place is replete with the tranquil aura that connects us to our spiritual self...more »


Galle is the most prominent historic site of this island which bestows an incredible infusion of the natural splendor and historical glamour. Behold the charismatic splendor of this gem city in Sri Lanka and take back some extravagant memories to cherish...more »


Anuradhapura stands as the most alluring destination by being a World Heritage Site. It is known for the spectacular history that it beholds in the form of mesmerizing heritage wonders apart from the glistening beach...more »


Kandy bestows an interesting merge of glorious nature and the divine culture. The intriguing history of the city dates back to 15th century and since then it has been attracting tourists from all over the world with its society...more »

Central Highlands

Explore the enigmatic splendor of the central highlands in Sri Lanka that affirms to bestow bliss to one’s soul with its charismatic natural marvels including overflowing waterfalls, sky high mountains and much more...more »

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve stands as the most splendid rain forest in Sri Lanka that is extensively abundant in terms of housing the fascinating range of fauna, flora and avifauna species...more »

The glorious heritage assists the traveler to behold the splendor of the culturally rich Sri Lanka. These monuments affirm to be the witnesses of the past and holds incredible tales in their wombs that delights as well as intrigues people. The monuments, apart from being the significant historical treasure, stand as amazing pieces of art showcasing incredibly intricate and exquisite architecture and sculpture. One of the world eminent monuments of Sri Lanka is the Sri Dalada Maligawa or The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic which has the pious tooth of the great Buddha. The major monuments of Sri Lanka usually mark the incredible presence of the great Buddha and Buddhism. 

Sri Lanka comprises a unique merge of architectural excellence in Dambulla with the exotic wildlife of Sinharaja forest reserve, the beautifully constructed cultural heritage of Anuradhapura and Kandy with the marvelous ancient edifices of Sigiriya. These ancient cities of Sri Lanka apart from heritage have diverse customs and traditions that are reflected in every nook and cranny of this territory.

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