Wild Safaris

Marine Life of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an elegant bead on the profound aqueous surface. Besides the charismatic natural setting, Sri Lanka houses exceptional biological endemism to quench the thirst of the tourists who primarily seeks adventure. There is such an extensive variety of flora and fauna in this country that it makes it a perfect destination to get into the wild to seek some raw adventure.

This pearl like island amidst the deep marine life comprises of the most diverse wildlife in the entire continent. For those who are seeking some wild thrills during their safari then there is no better place to start than Sri Lanka. It affirms to be a bliss for wild life lovers as it is a habitat of over 106 species of amphibians among which approximately 90 are endemic. With such an extensive range, Sri Lanka is rightly eminent of having the richest diversity of amphibians. Sri Lanka houses around 433 excusive bird species out of which 233 species are local to the place.

Sinharaja rainforest acts as a jewel to the wildlife of Sri Lanka with comprising a feral cornucopia fauna residing gloriously amidst the flora. The forest is adorned with tall canopy trees that perfectly act as a roof to the rare fauna species residing there. Most of these canopy trees are endangered and endows a spectacular view to the forest. This rain forest houses around 160 exclusive species of fauna and around 20 species are endemic to this tropical island. Rusty spotted cats and fishing cats roaming, fighting and lying around is a common sight here.

Wild Safari

Apart from the most famed Sinharaja, Sri Lanka serves as a home to Yala National Park too. Yala national park is primarily eminent for tracking Leopards besides the exclusive kingdom plantae. Yala is known to be a place where the largest population of leopards is recorded i.e. 44 making leopard sighting pretty common. Besides the fauna in there are some amazing Tea trails to be found in the island. One should never miss the chance to explore these tree trails and experience the cool highland breeze amidst emerald hills of the Ceylon tea lands.

It is not only the land where one can explore the wildlife of Sri Lanka but also the water in which the marine life prevails. One can explore some fascinating whales dancing to the tunes of the waves exclusively at the Port of Mirissa. Besides the blue whales, there are around 26 species of cetaceans that are also to be found but the best remains the dolphins which are frequently spotted here.

Wild life safari in Sri Lanka will definitely bestows some lifetime experiences to behold. Sri Lanka is a place where one can expect some fascinating surprises at every step of the journey into the wilds. The place is replete with glorious glimpses of the woods that are exclusive and rare. Sri Lanka is a tropical island and remains wet most of the time but during the drier months hundreds of Asian elephants assemble at the Minneriya tank in for water and fresh food. It is a remarkable sight to behold. Witnessing these Elephants indulged in their activities like playing, eating, bathing is quite alluring.

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