Central Highlands

Horton Plains national Park

Sri Lanka's Central Highlands come under the list of most ravishing mountainous terrains of the world. These highlands seem to be exceptionally designed by the nature God. They are adorned with marvelous wonders including rushing waterfalls, plunging ravines and emerald tea estates. The place with such inexplicable splendor has been considered as a gem to Sri Lanka and its tourism. These highlands affirm that Sri Lanka has been extensively wealthy in terms of scenic diversity.

Horton plains prove to be a dream world bestowing bliss all around with its enigmatic beauty away from the sweltering coastal lowlands. The place is magnificently designed with 1800 meters to 2300 meters high mountain ranges that lies elegantly under the snowy mist which when starts to clear bestow some soul touching vistas. Amidst the mountains, there are incredible chasms one of which is known as the “Worlds End” and canals that beautify its terrains. The landscape which these central highlands bestows, prove to be an exclusive amalgamation of nature & nurture.

The central highlands, like other destinations of Sri Lanka, have strong historical imprints on its territory. The highlands are said to be elegantly shaped via two contradictory historical backgrounds. The initial section the Knuckles Range stretches itself around Kandy and is named after the knuckles on the back of the palm because the mountain range in the place endows the image similar to the knuckles of the hand. It affirmed to be the last independent kingdom that survived the two centuries of the colonial incursions before giving up in the hands of the British in the 19th century. With such great legends and frequent changing kingdoms the place has still retained its original Singhalese traditions which showcases in the Highland’s traditional music, art, architecture, temples and cultural sites.

Adam’s Peak
This was the northern section of the central highlands around Kandy. The other section which is southern hill country affirmed to be the highest and most spectacular region of the highlands. The place like its initial section has a significant historical background as it was the ruling centre of the Kandayan kingdom. Unlike the northern section, the place now has no influence of the same as it has failed to retain the physical or cultural traces of Kandayan kingdom.

Adam’s Peak another region included in the highlands that comprises some religious significance apart from the natural glory. The mountain proudly houses the footprint of Lord Buddha which makes it one of the most religious centers of the Buddhist. However the best part of this elegant mountain peak is the sunrise which endows some mesmerizing vistas to cherish for life. 

Such prosperous natural glory can be best explored by roadways or railways. There are various locomotive trains available designed specially to let the world behold the natural bliss of the central highlands. The train journey starts from Colombo - Kandy - Hatton - Nanu Oya - Nuwara Eliya and passes through amazingly wondrous routes that are further adorned unlit tunnels, cool breeze all through, dramatic sceneries of emerald mountains, cascading waterfalls, rivers, deep ravines and glorious tea plantations.

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