Kandy was originally christened as the city of Senkadagalapura which is at present replete with sacredness bestowed in the form of Buddhist sites. It is considered the one of the most sacred places in Sri Lanka as far as Buddhism is concerned. Kandy stood as the capital of the Sinhala kings for long and it is also considered as the sacred capital of Buddhism. The glorious history of this city dates back to the 14th century. This enthralling city has a record of being one of the valiant bastions of Sinhalese autonomy till 17th century.

Besides having a golden history Kandy is eminent for being an abode to the glorious site of the Temple of the Tooth- holy Buddhist shrine. The tooth relic of the Great Buddha has been carefully preserved in the Dalada Maligawa and it has been significantly acclaimed since its establishment. Because of this eminent tooth relic, Kandy is serving as the religious capital of Buddhism and the most revered city for myriad of followers. At this point of the year some grand processions are conducted followed by some splendid rituals. Some of the must visit places in this city are:

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Ceylon Tea Museum: There was an abandoned land at around 4 km from the south of Kandy which was refurbished for a good reason as an eminent tea museum by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Planter’s Association of Sri Lanka.  The museum comprises the 1925-vintage Hantana Tea Factory showcasing the works of most prominent tea professionals namely Lipton Thomas and James Taylor. Because of the oodles of intriguing vintage tea processing stuffs, the museum stands class apart from other related places. One can always relish a free cup of tea in the top-floor tea room.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic: Gloriously covered with a golden roof, this temple affirms to be a perfect abode to the most revered tooth relic of the great Buddha. The sacred tooth is considered the most prime relic that is present in Sri Lanka that is why it is so admired and treated as something to be worshipped of. The precious tooth has been kept in a fascinating casket made up of pure gold and has been given an exclusive design of a dagoba (stupa). Alut Maligawa, Audience Hall and World Buddhism Museum are some key sites which one should unquestionably visit while exploring this wonder temple.

Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens: Poised elegantly by the Mahaweli River at the outskirts this spot is another incredible spot that one must locate while travelling to Kandy. It is a result of the British as they initiated the cultivation of indigenous flora here.
How to reach Kandy: The place is very systematic in terms of travelling around as it is effortlessly accessible from other regions of the island. One can choose, according to their requisites, from Intercity air-conditioned buses, Intercity express trains, cabs and airplane or even tuk-tuk (three wheelers running exclusively in Sri Lanka).

Best time to visit Kandy: January, February and August (Kandy Perahera Festival) are the best months to explore the graceful beauty of this city. However, the place remains good for travelling throughout the year.

Festivals of Kandy: On the feast of Esala Perahera, the city transforms itself as the most stunning bride every year. This is the time when one experience and explore this city as the most vibrant and ceremonial. The Kandy Perahera is believed to be the biggest festival of Sri Lanka and if one wishes to explore the enigmatic beauty and vibrant culture of this city then this is the time. August, every year gets drenched with great festivities and intriguing glimpses in this ceremonial city.

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