Tourist Attractions of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a travellers paradise since centuries. The island is geographically situated just above the Equator on Indian Ocean.  Its geographical position influenced the people of the country as Portuguese, Dutch, British, Arab and Malaysettlers transformed its architecture,culture and cuisine over the years.Previously known as Ceylon, the island is attracted by natural lovers. Marco Polo mentioned it as the finest island of its size in the world.  A lot of  travellers across the world - the Indians, Arabs,  European traders and adventurers visited this palm-fringed shores over the period of time. The island is also famous for tea gardens, rare spices, precious stones and magnificent elephants...more »


Colombo is a sophistically planned ‘Garden-city’ which elegantly infuse diverse scenarios altogether, with its cosmopolitan side including glamorous events, blooming beaches, fine dining, shopping and historic side including historical monuments, colonial architecture, vibrant festivals....more »


Anuradhapura is a world heritage site which is replete of glorious heritage wonders infusing majestic history and intricate artwork that lures every traveler across the world. ...more »


Standing elegantly amidst emerald woods, Sigiriya affirms to be a heritage marvel that bestows the most mesmerizing vistas to behold. With Glorious galleries around and stupendous staircases, Sirigiya welcomes its visitors in the most majestic way...more »


Polonnaruwa has been bestowed the most amazing ruins that dates back to the 12th century. This ancient capital city of Sri Lanka has been adorned by the Cholas with graceful Brahmanic monuments and astonishing urban creativity...more »


Kandy is a perfect place to behold the enigmatic infusion of royalty and divinity. This cultural triangle of Sri Lanka has been alluring visitors since 15th century. It is pilgrimage cum cultural sight for all those who love to explore the sanctity with a touch of ethnicity....more »


Galle is a historic site that infuses with the natural beauty around and creates a perfect destination where one finds extreme solace. The place offers extravagant sights and glimpses which get imprinted on the soul of the traveller....more »


Experience the enigmatic aura of Dambulla’s most eminent Royal Rock Temple which showcases the soul of the Great Buddha within its skillful and charismatic interior. The place affirms to be the best in providing the iconic Sri Lankan image to its visitors...more »


Explore the unexplored magnificence of Sri Lanka with Yapahuwa. Yapahuwa of Sri Lanka is sheer beauty in its most ancient form..more »

Nuwara Eliya

Get the essence of a rose tinted English countryside with Nuwara Eliya and experience in person that why the place is prominent in the world as ‘Little England’...more »


Don’t miss the elongated tropical coast of Sri Lanka in Negombo which offers innumerable allurements that no other place can bestow. Get the infusion of the natural and the colonial tint at the same place....more »

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

It is drenched, inexplicable and swarming with life, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve affirms to be the last wide-ranging stretch of virgin rain forest on the island. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is an incredible abundance of raw beauty bestowed upon us by nature itself...more »


Experience the thrill of the glistening white water flowing in Kelani Ganga River and take back a rejuvenating soul full of eternal memories of an adventurous holiday spent in Kitulgala...more »


Go green with Bentota that lets you explore every possible shade of green via its spectacular sites and attractions. Get drenched into the sea green beaches; drive though costal lined emerald palm trees and much more...more »

For visitors, there are a lot of choices of destination to visit within the island. Surrounded by  the Indian Ocean, there are unique beaches around the island.  The overland has variety of landscapes like hills, valleys and plains. The country is home to a large number of  elephants, leopards and rare endemic bird species.  Sri Lanka boasts history dated back to several hundreds of years even before BC.  Achievements made by early Sinhalese civilization can still be seen at several parts.

Early Buddhist civilization is an integral part of national identity for the island’s Sinhalese population.  Sri Lanka is also notable for its Buddhist population. While the Tamil community in the north have a renowned vibrant Hindu culture which correlates to India than to the Sinhalese community of South.  The Indian coast is just few kilometres away only from Northern part of the island.
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