Nuwara Eliya

Translated as the city of lights, Nuwara Eliya is among those cities of Sri Lanka which are replete with myriads of wonders to showcase it to its visitors. Some most heart touching and exclusive sights of the place includes sweet water buffalo daubed in an iridescent tint for the Tamil Thai Pongal festival; dusty and misty centre of town serving as the backdrop of the Victorian post office featuring a classy clock tower; Colonial bungalows, emerald hedgerows with aromatic rose gardens reveal the essence of nature in its purest forms. This mesmerizing town represents the colonial times with its English country styled dwellings including graceful half-timbered bungalows. Even the names given to the bungalows reflect the English influence.

This enchanting city provides a perfect escape from busy life of the hard – working population. It is not just a perfect place to enjoy the weather amidst the natural setting but also about brewing the best tea surrounded by aromatic tea gardens. The emerald tea gardens of the place have been morphed from the elegantly lying golf course. Apart from the natural setting the place also provides tint of adventure by offering horse racing and off road hill climbs via sports car. The town showcases a curious combination of heritage as well as nature in the form of below mentioned places:

Victoria Park and Gregory’s Lake

The Holy Trinity Church: The church is most favored among the locals and visitors because of the graceful Gothic architecture and miscellaneous compilation of memorials.

Victoria Park and Gregory’s Lake: Decorating the south of the town this elegant park having an expanse of 27 acres and stunning lake provide a perfect combo which relaxes the tourists via its picturesque beauty. The lake also offers its visitors to enjoy boat riding. The cluster of extraordinarily tall eucalyptuses in the park is not to be missed while exploring the place.

Central Market and Bale Bazaar: These are the most vibrant markets of the place where one can enjoy the local colour of the region via its clothes, handicrafts, authentic food and other such stuffs.

How to reach Nuwara Eliya: Adopting railways serves as the best way to travel to this town as train journey from Colombo or Kandy is the closest and easiest way to Nanu Oya. Local buses run from Nanu Oya to the centre of Nuwara Eliya from frequent intervals however intercity buses from Colombo or Kandy would be very hectic as it takes around 5-6 hours.

Tea Plantation

Best time to visit Nuwara Eliya:  Standing amidst mounts and tea gardens, the town of Nuwara Eliya relishes vernal season across the year. Welcoming its visitors all time of the year.

Festivals in Nuwara Eliya: Vesak Poya, celebrated on full moon night in May, is supposed to be the most prominent full moon for Buddhists primarily because it marks Buddha’s origin, his illumination as well as his passing. During this full moon night the sky shines bright vibrant with sky lanterns and the island flickers with stunning clay coconut oil lamps.


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