Catamaran Ride

Catamaran Ride

Enjoy an early morning visit to the Parakrama Lake. The lake is known to be the largest and most beautiful lakes of Sri Lanka. Embark on the Catamaran boat and ride through the fluctuating water with the constantly altering hues of the dawn. Witness the inexplicable splendor of the surrounding landscape as the sun rises over. Get in to the depths of the lake and have an insight of the origins of the place. Wevas are what these manmade lakes are called in Sri Lanka. They aim to provide the water for the irrigation done by the Sri lankan people.

Explore the lifestyle of the people and fishermen around the lake. The children of the fishermen are often seen playing at the fringes of the lake. This excursion is one of the best ways to explore the lives of the locals and have a friendly chat with them.

Apart from the village exploration uncover the marine live present in the lake. Not just the marine you can even spot some rare and endemic avifauna species like spot white bellied fish eagles, brahminy kites, ibis, cormorants and much more. The best part of the lake is at the centre that comprises a little island – a rocky outcrop. This island provides 360° view of the entire lake with all the alluring surroundings, emerald foliage and the dense woods beyond.

P.S. - The catamaran ride is highly dependent on water levels and it is not accessible from June to September.


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