Rekewa Turtles

Package includes: Excursion to Rekawa Turtle sanctuary

Rekawa Beach Turtles

Rekawa is turtle sanctuary made on a natural coastline that stretches itself to 2 kms. This untouched stretch of coastline inhabits around five elegant species of turtles. The beach is now solely used for turtle nesting. Turtles are seen digging and looks amazingly fantastic. There is a striking hut at the beach side which primarily stands as an information center. It provides some detailed knowledge about this sanctuary and turtles that inhabits here. The hut has no electricity therefore the information regarding the tour and turtles are provided under torchlight which looks all the more alluring.

Enjoy a savory dinner at the hotel in early evening and then move to the Rekawa Turtle sanctuary. Turtle spotting is often depends on seasons. January to June is the best time to spot these elegant creatures of nature. The rest of the year also spots some turtles but during this time span the Turtle nesting is at its peak. The most recurrent Turtle sightings can be found in this region throughout these months. You have to wait for the turtles to come and start digging their pit. Only when they have completed their digging and started the process of laying eggs, you can reach to them and sit beside them to have a memorable experience.


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