Must Do Activities

Bangladesh is an incredibly enriched tourist destination. Travelers can find unique and distinct wonders in this South Asian country. The country boasts nature’s creativity at its best. It is among those special countries where the warmth of people can’t fail to impress the travelers. There are innumerable destinations that contribute to its tourism. These places and destinations with interesting facets attract tourists from all over the world. The uniqueness of these places quenches the thirst of the tourists as every traveler wants something different and alluring in their holidays... more »

Must Do Activities in Bangladesh

Beach Holidays

Explore the longest uninterrupted shoreline of the world which is exquisitely adorned with natural creativity. The coastline boast natural panorama where the water romances with the sand inexplicably and the sun embraces the horizon mesmerizingly...more

Must Do activities

Wild Safaris

Traverse the exotic wild species of the world’s largest mangrove forest – Sundarbans. The place is enchantingly designed with emerald species of the wild. This unique habitat of the wilds beautifully floats amidst the tranquil water...more

Must Do activities

Adventure Sports

Being a tourist destination, Bangladesh houses innumerable options to quench the thirst of its adventure loving tourists. The uninterrupted coastline boats incredible water sports facilities. The wildlife on the other hand bestows thrilling safari and trekking experiences...more



Bangladesh is a water dominating land which makes it a habitat for different species of fish. The fresh water of the river and rivulets of this country boasts a host of fishing opportunities to travelers who loves to indulge in angling...more



Bangladesh is a diverse nation where distinct religions live together. Every religion has their place of worship in the country. There are myriads of pilgrimage sites that are culturally and architecturally enriched...more

The country is embellished with amazing natural wonders. The best of which is the coastline that offers myriads of interesting activities and attractions which the travelers can indulge in. The unending coastline inhabits numerous sandy beaches which are designed elegantly with nature’s opulence. The wildlife too bestows incredible adventure options to lure the travelers. Such attractions make Bangladesh a naturally enriched nation. However, the list of attractions does not restrict itself to just nature as there are various cultural attractions as well that can be explored here. The cultural attractions can be explored via fascinating edifices that the country comprises and showcases intricate architecture. Apart from natural and cultural opulence, the country, being a coastal paradise, provides the most authentic sea food that melts in the mouth and endows an everlasting taste.

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