Embark on a wildlife safari to Sundarbans and traverse the untouched wild face of nature…

Sundarban National Park

Being the most beautiful mangrove forest in the planet, Sundarbans affirms to be the most cherished gem on the territory of Bangladesh. These Mangrove woods top the attraction list of Bangladesh. It affirms to be the largest mangrove forest that earth comprises. In 1987, Sundarbans were entitled as the World Heritage Site but the inscriptions of stating it as a World Heritage Site lies on the border of India primarily because Sundarbans are shared by Bangladesh and India.

The forest is stretched approximately 10,000 sq km over the delta which is formed by the three prominent rivers: Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna. Over 1/3 of the entire region is drenched in water. These tidal halophytic mangrove woods and is further shared by territories of two distinct countries. Almost 60% of the forest is in Bangladesh. However, around 40% of the forest lies in India where the official inscription of it being a World Heritage Site is. This supposedly largest single block of forest affirms to be one of the prime attractions in Asia.  

Sundarban National Park

Being elegantly poised over the confluence of three rivers, Sundarbans is a perfect place to take a peep into the creativity of nature. The mist over the mangrove woods endows an elegant vision of a sheer white shroud covering the emerald form. Splendid marshlands with fluctuating tides provide a breathtaking backdrop. The natural opulence of the place is inexplicably mesmerizing. This exotic forest seems as a mystery which one need to unfold while traversing through. An enormous network of intertwined rivulets and water ways provides a scenic landscape to this world of wilds. The wild terrain is alluringly serene for some and at the same time thrilling for someone else. The darkness amidst the forest provides an exhilarating experience to adventure enthusiasts. However, the same shade provides serene escapades to the nature lovers.

Spotting the Royal Bengal Tigers against the mesmerizing backdrop is another prominent factor to this swamp region. It affirms to be a home to the world’s largest population of the wild inhabitants. Approximately 400 Royal Bengal Tigers resides in this national park. This wild terrain of Bangladesh inhabits amazing wildlife. Untouched by the urban developments, Sundarbans is a delight to all the wild species on earth. A fascinating mix of Fauna, avifauna and flora species are to be found in these magnetizing woods. Spotted deer, pigs, crocodiles and crabs are some of the many eclectic species found in the national park. It is advisable to travelers to visit this exotic land of nature in the dry season – November to April.


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