Dhaka is not just a capital city of Bangladesh but much more than that. It is an incredible destination which is replete with enticing wonders that Bangladesh comprises within its territory. It affirms to be a city which describes the whole country with its cultural and natural attractions. The city is forever vibrant and swarming with people. The place is always indulged in everlasting activities. There is a glorious chaos of the city with half-a-million marvelously bright cycle-rickshaws which makes it one of the most vividly unique cities of the world.  Travelers across the world fall for the diverse charms and innumerable attractions of this single city. The prime attractions that contribute to its beauty are:

National Parliament House: Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban is the original name given to the parliament house of Dhaka. This majestic structure is of Dhaka is poised in the heart of the city and it itself is also known as the heart of Dhaka. The iconic building stands itself apart from the chaos of the city. It is not just a political edifice but also historic. It affirms to be a paradox because it stands as a historical building which comprises a unique and contemporary design. Its elegant structure makes it distinct from the rest of the edifices in the country.

Lalbagh Fort

Lalbagh Fort: This splendid fort is famous for not being built. This fort has been standing incomplete since 17th century. The fort was constructed by Prince Mohammed Azam but before its completion it was handed over to the former governor of Dhaka Shaista Khan. It was expected to be completed under his supervision but unfortunately because of the death of her daughter it was not accomplished. However, the tomb of her daughter is inside the fort. The fort also boasts an elegant museum that comprises murals, mughal paintings and calligraphy. Swords and firearms are also at display.

Sonargaon: Sonargaon is an ancient city which witnessed many kingdoms, the primary one being the medieval Muslim rulers, and several historic travelers, the prominent one being Ibn Battuta. Being the ancient capital of Bangladesh, Sonargaon boasts some incredible edifices which are standing here since centuries. Sonargaon is also preeminent from the name of ‘the city of Panam’. The city is dotted with fascinating ancient ruins and relics with incredible beauty. It is a perfect place to get a brief insight into the history of Bangladesh.

Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil: Ahsan Manzil was used to be the prime residence of the Nawabs of Bangladesh where they indulge in several royal activities. This pink palace is standing tall since 1872. Nawab Ghani used the site of a French factory to build this palace. The palace flourished till 16 years as after that a tornado destructed some of the prime parts of the palace. The palace was later restored and made even more glorious than before. After the demise of the Nawabs , during 1980’s, the palace was again restored and used as a heritage site with glimpses of its historic memories hanged as photographs, paintings and ancient art pieces.

Sadarghat: One of the most vibrant and cheerful places of Bangladesh is Sadarghat in Dhaka. It is the largest river ports which elegantly poised over the river Buriganga. It affirms to be the main source of travelling in Dhaka as more than 30,000 of the population use this river front to depart and arrive. The place exhibits fascinating vistas which one can find nowhere else except

Dhakeshwari Temple, Shahid Minar, Husaini Dalal, Liberation War Museum are some of the many prominent attractions of Bangladesh.

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