Beach Holidays

Cox’s Bazaar

Bangladesh is blessed with the uninterrupted 120 km long shoreline that bestows some of the amazing and pristine beaches. It comprises temperate, appealing and sensuous beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. Bangladesh provides you a tranquil beach paradise to escape the monotonous lifestyle. The gentle breeze which whispers through the leaves of the palm trees will sway away all your stress. The never ending shoreline with constantly over lapping waves will make the environs pleasantly cool. The shimmering sand and the surf on the exotic beach coast create a majestic land which you will never want to leave.

Bangladesh boasts the uninterrupted natural stretch of shoreline which affirms to be the largest in the world.  The place in which Bangladesh which inhabits this longest stretch of coast is globally famed by the name of Cox’s Bazaar. The place is beautifully adorned with exotic beaches. Housing the longest coastline of the world, it affirms to be the tourist capital of Bangladesh. The elegant shoreline is exquisitely beautified by the chain of forested hills at the backdrop. It seems that nature has blessed these bewitching beaches in the most unique manner.

Cox’s Bazaar

The Cox’s beach is just perfect to enjoy a beach vacation as it is the longest shoreline of the world inhabits innumerable and incredible beaches. It is the most admired beach destinations of Bangladesh where visitors rejuvenate themselves amid the tranquil and picturesque natural ambiance. The contrasting view of azure sea with silvery sand fringed by swaying palm trees under the sparkling sun will surely take your breath away. With such amazing beaches one can also enjoy water sports activities which will definitely impress the adventure lovers.

The beaches not just showcase the nonpareil natural splendor but also some of the fascinating attractions like heritage, cuisine, nightlife and much more. The best part of this place may vary from person to person primarily because the nature lovers would find the best part in nature’s grandeur; the food lovers would prefer the authentic cuisine and sea food to be the best; the adventure enthusiasts would go for the adventure sports that the beaches here offer. However, the mixed population that visits the place enjoys everything that the beaches inhabit within its territory. Apart from the beaches, the place is dotted with certain edifices which look all the more alluring when you visit them. Ramu (the ancient Rakhain Capital) and the Moheskhali, Sonadia Island and a cruise to St Martin Island are some of the popular destinations that you should not miss when you embark the beach holidays in Bangladesh.


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