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Bangladesh is a nation which is sandwiched between Indian Territory, Burmese territory and coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is splendid land which has been naturally adorned with elegant rivers. The country comprises more than 700 rivers and rivulets that spread over the flourishing territory of Bangladesh. With such a large number of rivers and rivulets, it is obvious to observe the fact that the country boasts rivers more than the roads. The population in Bangladesh travels more with boats than any other vehicles.  With this incredible natural setting, Bangladesh showcases an intricate merge of rivers with the land. This exotic merge of aqua and earth made this land extremely prosperous and attractive. The natural setting designed by the rivers and the land boasts some inexplicable landscape... more »

Must Do Activities in Bangladesh


Dhaka is the most significant destination of Bangladesh; not just because it is the capital city but because it comprises the most important and alluring sites that makes it prominent in the world. Dhaka is much more than just a city...more

Cox bazaar

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is not a mere bazaar but it is the prominent attraction of the country as it inhabits one of the longest sea coasts with pristine beaches. The natural splendor of the place is something that mesmerizes the onlookers...more

Must Do activities


Sundarban as the name suggest is the most beautiful city of Bangladesh which affirms to be the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest that inhabits fascinating flora, fauna and avifauna species with an exotic...more



Poised elegantly at the mouth of the Karnaphuli River, Chittagong proves to be the bewitching city that boasts a mesmerizing hilly terrain. It faces the Bay of Bengal which further endows a perfect outlook...more



It is a city which is enriched with the elegance of Surma River as it sits perfectly on its banks. The fascinating river endows incredible natural splendor to this enigmatic city of Bangladesh. The city further boasts some...more

The flourishing backdrop, with its innumerable shades of green, bewitches the travelers the most. It seems that Bangladesh floats over the marines.

The natural setting of Bangladesh, being a riverine, has its disadvantages too. It is not just a picturesque landscape which the rivers bestow but floods too. Bangladesh is prone to flooding and some other natural disasters too which visits the nation annual. Post-summer is the season of flooding when Bangladesh is submerged into under rising river water every year. However, the cyclones are expected every decade.

Bangladesh is not just about rivers or nature as it is way beyond these two features. Bangladesh is extremely beautiful country which boasts incredible culture and fascinating heritage. It might be small in geography but it comprises innumerable attractions within its small territory. All of its numerous attractions can’t be mentioned here. Therefore, some of its prominent attractions are mentioned for your perusal

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