Cox’s bazaar

Cox’s beach

Cox’s bazaar is one of the major cities of Bangladesh and is primarily known as Bangladesh’s fishing port. It comprises the longest stretch of the sea coast in the world as hearsay. It comprises a continuous beach that stretches approximately 125km. Cox's bazaar is Bangladesh’s pride primarily because of the uninterrupted coast. It is not just the longest stretch of coastline that makes Cox's bazaar prominent but the unmatched natural splendour which is surrounds the place elegantly. This town has an exotic setting as it is fringed beautifully by the mesmerizing Chittagong on the north and spectacular Bandarban on the East. The turquoise Bay of Bengal covers its west and south side. Apart from this magnetizing setting, the place is further adorned with rushing rivers namely Matamuhuri, Bakkhali, Reju Khal, Naf River etc.

Cox’s bazaar is a most desired tourist spot as it has been replete with alluring destinations which attracts travelers. The prime destinations which the place boasts about is the longest beach stretch known as Cox’s beach and the other is the vibrant Cox’s bazaar fish market. It is the largest fishing port in the country. The vibrant fish market bestows some unique vistas which intrigues the travelers. The boat ride and rickshaw ride is another fascination of the town. Do not miss to take a walk along the bustling Burmese Market while exploring the tranquil pagodas and Khyangs- traversing the two contrasting sections at the same time.

Inani Beach

Cox’s beach comprises three divisions. It has three parts but still it is not uninterrupted. The divisions are primarily three different spots where travelers can enjoy. The main beach has a close proximity to the main town and is famous with the name of Laboni beach. This section of the beach is prominent for water sports and thundering water activities. Humchari beach is the middle section which is dotted with mesmerizing natural splendor of the waterfalls. Inani Beach is the third section which is known for sun-tanning amidst the serene environs of the beach. Cox’s beach is a world known destination but the locals of the place call it as the Panowa beach.

Moheshkhali Island is poised on the territory of Cox's bazaar and comprises a collection of elegant Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines. It is yet another attraction of the town which showcases the fascinating architecture of the place. The Monasteries of the place showcases large images of Buddha made out of bronze.


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