Bangladesh is an extensively religious country. It is a Muslim dominated land with innumerable pilgrimage sites. Buddhism, Bengali Hindu and Christianity are other dominating religions of the country. Bangladesh houses mosques with incredible architecture. These mosques, apart from the pious charm that they behold, hold religious and cultural significance. Beside the mosques, the place is dotted with some fascinating monasteries for its Buddhist population. The churches in the region showcase incredible wall paintings and artistic skills. The pilgrimage sites of Bangladesh are unique in their own way. The enthralling churches, mosques and monasteries that adorn the nation intrigue a large amount of tourist population. These pilgrimages grant solace to the people and endow courage to deal with the challenges of life. Baitul Mukarram is the national mosque of the country where every prime event related to the religion takes place with great zeal and fervor. Bagha Mosque is another site which is not just religiously significant but it also holds historical and cultural values. Noyabaad Mosque, the impressive Sixty Dome Mosque in Bagerhat and the impressive Star Mosque in Dhaka is a must visit pilgrimage sites of the country. Dhakeshwari Temple is the main temple of the country where the Bengali population celebrates Durga puja on a large scale. The temple boasts amazing artwork and craftsmanship.

The country comprises a uniquely spiritual aura which secludes it from the urban. Almost every pilgrimage site holds a natural backdrop which adds to the charm of the edifices. Bangladesh is a diverse nation which houses distinct edifices for distinct religion. However, one prime and major event takes place in the country for Muslims. The event is more significant for Muslim population primarily because it affirms to be a gathering point of the world’s Muslim population. The event is named as The Ijtema congregation. The worshipper’s gathering has been held in this country every year. It was in 1966 when the first congregation took place; since then it has been held every year religiously. Tongi, a suburb of Dhaka is the centre point of the gathering. The banks of the Turag River are a perfect backdrop of this religious congregation.

This religious event is organized by the two significant groups: World Tabligh Council and Bangladesh’s Ministry of Religious affairs. The group constitutes Muslim scholars who preach the teachings of Islam and Prophet Mohammad. It is a three-day event which includes worshipping, prayers, meditation and Islamic lectures. Muslim scholars discuss about their faith in Islam and its significance. The congregation takes place on a much larger scale. It stands on number second after the Hajj pilgrimage. The Muslims who gather here are estimated to be the same as those who go for Hajj.  The three-days are primarily spent in devotion and prayers. The lectures by the Muslim scholars are translated to different languages for international pilgrims. It is the most significant and major religious activity which takes place in Bangladesh. It is the prime pilgrimage which Bangladesh conducts for all the Muslims in the world.


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