Adventure Sports

Bangladesh is dotted with myriads of adventure travel options. There is an extensive list of adventure activities that ranges from hiking through the hills to gliding across rivers or traversing the tribe. Bangladesh is widely favored for its diverse aspects as well which differentiates this nation from others. One of such features is the exotic wildlife which this nation harbors through its national park, protected areas, bird sanctuaries and wildlife reserves that attracts scores of adventure seekers, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world. Bangladesh is one of the best destinations to enjoy some adventure activities amidst the natural grandeur. The protected areas are enriched with adventure related stuffs and activities which satiate every adventure lover that visits the place.

Sundarban is the protected area globally famed for being a single block of mangrove forest which houses an extensive range of flora and fauna. The region is affirmed to be the largest in the world and is tidal halophytic in nature. Topography of this national park serves as one of the dominant attraction with its precipitous ridges, undulating woods and open meadows. Sundarbans let you experience the most adventurous wildlife safari with its fascinating and enticing aspects. Reaching Sundarbans, itself, is an adventure as you have to travel by a boat through the water bodies that are replete with wild marine species to reach the protected area. The region is drenched in water therefore the aviators and other wild species of the marine are a common sight here. A wildlife safari is just perfect to have an adventure trip in Bangladesh. However, a trek through the deep woods is also a good option for those who love to traverse the natural trail.

There are various other options as well where you can indulge in some adventure sports. Being the country of more than 700 rivers, Bangladesh is perfectly ideal for river rafting. Exploring the white waters of the Bangladeshi rivers amidst the most pristine environs will surely make you feel high without being intoxicated. Swimming, boat cruising and other water sports are also enjoyed here by the tourists.

Horseback riding is another activity which you can enjoy in your adventure trip of Bangladesh. A ride through the woods while exploring the bewitching creativity of nature will let you get up-close with the nature. Horses affirm to be the best partners as they are perceptive and intelligent creatures. Another such activity, involving experiences with the fauna species, which you can indulge in, is helping sea turtle conservationists. This is an incomparable experience and extreme fun.

The tribal villages of the Chittagong hills provide the one of the most unique ways of adventure in Bangladesh. One can get familiar with the tribal people and their lifestyle. You can spend as much time as you in these tribal villages. The natural backdrop of the village with the unique ethnicity is exclusive to this country. You can live like them by adapting their lifestyle and indulging in their activities like weaving, agricultural work, caring for cattle and fishing. You will get once in a lifetime experience here with the tribal people.


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