Chittagong is the third best destination in Bangladesh after Sundarbans and Dhaka. It is the second largest city which is adorned with a bustling seaport. The seaport is well connected to the world and bestows amazing tourism opportunity as well. It is not just the largest port but also the dominating port of the country which has a prime hand in establishing heavy, medium and light industries. The city tops the list of tourist destinations in Bangladesh as it comprises the most mesmerizing wonders of nature as well as some other fascinating aspects that can’t be overlooked. Inhabiting the largest sea port is one of such aspects and Rikshaw ride is another. With such diversity in tourist attractions, Chittagong affirms to be the tourist capital of the state.

Chittagong affirms to be an ideal spot for spending a splendid vacation as it has been elegantly adorned with natural delights. It is the single city in which the travelers can have two contradictory wonders of nature: hills and beaches. The place is extensively fortunate in terms of natural opulence. With such affluence of nature, Chittagong division of Bangladesh provides multiple tourism as both hill lovers and beach enthusiasts can spend their vacations here. However the rivers and rivulets that rushes through the area beautifies it all the more. Chittagong division comprises various districts and Chittagong is one of the prime districts of the divisions. Chittagong hill tracts and Cox’s bazaar also comes under Chittagong division. Chittagong city has been enriched with amazing attractions some of which are mentioned below:

Patenga Beach

Patenga Beach and Kattali Beach: Chittagong has been beautifully adorned with Sandy beaches but this is the prime beach which witnesses the elegant merge of the roaring sea and the river Karnaphuli. Such a setting makes it among the top beaches in Chittagong city. The best place to behold its mesmerizing grandeur is the Naval Academy Road which lies just beside the Shah Amanat International Airport. Kattali Beach is another prominent beach of the place which boasts a fascinating stretch of mangrove forest.

Foy's Lake: visitors love this place and it is famously known as the ideal picnic spot in Chittagong. Thousands of travelers visit the place every year to take back amazing memories amidst the panoramic surroundings of this lake. It is a manmade lake which was constructed in 1924, before the independence of Bangladesh from India, by the Assam-Bengal railways.  A British engineer Mr. Foy designed this lake and was made out by building a dam. At present the lake is accompanied by an amusement park and a zoo.

Foy's Lake

Shrine of Baizid Bostami: one of the important holy shrines of Bangladesh which inhabits innumerable tortoise. These tortoises are considered to be the descendants of the evil spirits (djinns) who were cursed to be tortoise by a great saint many years ago.

Chandanpura Mosque and Baitul Falah are the two noteworthy mosques of the place, among which the later one is the largest mosque in Chittagong.

World War II Cemetery, Ethnological Museum and Court Building are some of the other prominent attractions of this elegant district of Chittagong division.



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