Heritage sites - Bangladesh

Bangladesh is fascinating land which is not only enriched with natural prosperity but also with some human creativity. This small country is replete with amazing heritage sites which stand as the living example of human creativity. Humans with rigorous hard work and craftsmanship can create wonders. The heritage of a country is one such example of wonders that are created by humans. Bangladesh is a land where this creativity is superfluous. Bangladesh comprises innumerable heritage sites which not only showcases the intriguing craftsmanship of the people but also reflects the strong history and cultural significance of the land.

Almost every nook and cranny has some significant heritage site that showcases Bangladesh’s history and culture. Every edifice is distinct in nature and structure attracting people from all over the world. Such heritage sites not only contribute in the cultural significance but also beautify the territory all the more. Apart from the culture these monuments also reflects the religions which the country comprises. The different religions of this country have strong history and to reflect their religious significance the structuring of heritage monuments takes place. This is also one of the reasons which make Bangladesh a prime tourist destination, as being diverse in nature leads to have many heritage monuments. There are innumerable heritage sites in Bangladesh that reflects the incredible charm of the place like the historical Shat Gambuj Mosque - Bagerhat, the Buddist Vihara - Paharpur, the longest sea-coast - Chittagong and the Sundarbans but only few are recognized under the UNESCO world heritage sites. The most famous and admired heritage sites that are entitled under UNESCO world heritage are mentioned below:

Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat

The city is famous for the Shat Gambuj Mosque which dates back to the 15th century. This edifice showcases incredibly alluring Islamic architecture and was constructed by Saint Khan Jahan Ali... more

bangladesh heritage tour

Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara – Paharpur

The place is famous for inhabiting the age-old ruins of the sacred Buddhist Vihara. The original vihara dates back to the 7th century and affirmed to be the largest Buddhist monastery of the Indian subcontinent... more

The Sundarbans

The place is prominent for incredible natural grandeur which stands amidst the glistening water. The Royal Bengal tigers find this nature’s trove so alluring that they always found roaming in and around the forest... more


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